Dieting/Exercise Vs Eating/Training – Know Your Choice (Final Post)

Hello Glammy Readers,

As a continuation of this morning’s post, let’s jump right into number 3, if you are just joining in, please click HERE, to get the background and follow through on our chat, just so you don’t get lost when I LOL, or Smile…(Smiles).
3. Intense Exercises: Finally I had this serious gym class, I basically imposed it on myself. I believed going to the gym EVERYDAY was going to get me to Beautiful 6packs land…LOL… I wish, exercise is good to keep you fit, healthy and strong, if you go through my blog almost all my post carries the benefits of exercising regularly, but then regularly can mean anything and a lot of things to different people, for me it was extreme.
I however enjoy the level of resistance I have developed and strength to push through difficult tasks but I remember the nights when I felt so weak and unable to do basic body movements.

Dieting and Exercising is good and important for so many positive reasons:
1. Keep fit and healthy
2. Reduce obesity
3. Cut down on over weight bodies
4. Reduce risk of sicknesses and diseases
5. Enjoy a balanced diet

However you must learn to strike the balance and take a look at your Fitness goal Vs your Actual body. Everyday human needs and goals are insertable and can be so many things trying to fit into one space, same goes for majority of Fitness goals, you may start off with one things but end up needing 3, 4 things to happen as well, From bigger butts, you move to ABs, and then stronger back, Firmer thighs, Lean Arms, Calves and the list goes on. LOL.
Appreciate your actual body and understand what it takes to go up or down, many of us are going down simply cause we only know but don’t understand the generic view of getting Fitness goals. Don’t be afraid of the word EAT, even for weight-lossers, there comes a time when there is the need to Eat and Train to maintain an achieved curved body.

Eating and Training
This has definitely become the best word I want to look at everyday. If you are like me looking for ABs and bigger butts or you generally want to build up, then you just have to sit up and read along with me.

There is no way you are going to achieve your goal by starving yourself and doing too much Cardio. Cardio is good to develop strength but it’s not all you need to get you to where you want to be. 20minutes cardio at a maximum is more than fine and okay to begin your workout.

Another key factor about Eating and Training is that enables you build your body and gives you a lovely womanly curves for woman while a great manly physic for guys.- who likes Johnny Bravo, LOL, that’s the type of man am talking about….LOL. I can’t stop laughing, am sorry guys but Johnny is good looking too nah.

Smiles…. Most fitness models that inspire many body shape dreams and desire actually Eat and Train to have a great body that is toned, defined and absolutely wonderful.
What then do we mean by Eating and Training, is it eating whatever I feel like eating and doing less exercises so I don’t lose body weight, No love, Eating and Training entails;

1. New Meal Plan: This has to do with eating Protein, Healthy Fats and ofcourse Carbs atleast 5 times daily every 2 hours. And that doesn’t include supplements.
I believe everyone is different and our bodies react to things differently and so supplements should only be taken on prescription after a good health check has been done on you, other than that stick to the New meal plan and your results are sure to come.
Supplements however are not harmful to the body or health but you need to know if you require them at all.

2. Training: You must notice how I carefully didn’t call this one as Exercising, simply because I want to be clear on the fact that you may move your body around with the intention of working on your body weight or shape but the methods to it differs.
Training here is working on weights and equipments to help tone and define your body. Weights is surely the difference between Exercising and Training as they work hard on your muscles who indeed are responsible for that amazing fitness body.
Be sure to get weights and equipments to help tone that body.

3. Workout Plan: While you Eat and Train, remember that there should be a pattern and plan to achieving the goals, I say this looking at my previous experience, I had no plan, I was at the gym everyday with no clarity of what exactly I was aiming for. Again am thankful for the resistance and strength built, but my sister usually tells me I only got familiar with the exercise and routine, she doesn’t think I built that much core strength and resistance. Well sometimes I feel she’s right.
Training should be done every other day, I got that advise from my Trainer in the US and it’s the right way to go, you also give your muscles time to heal from the workout. – Eat everyday but Train every other day.

I do want to go on and talk more on Cardio Vs Weights, that’s a branch and major area of discussion on Dieting/Exercising Vs Eating/Training. So do keep your fingers crossed, I’ll be sharing another round of insights, views, examples and experiences in our next post.

It’s been quite interesting talking about my Fitness journey, I however want to hear from you, what’s your experience been and what are you looking forward to achieving. Please share in the comment section below.

Have a great week ahead.

You Are Beautiful and Strong, Be All of You and Nothing Less.



Eky Divine

Author: Eky Divine

Eky Divine is passionate about Fitness and Beauty, she loves to share ideas on personal development, as she works in a Multinational Company as a Sales and Shopper Marketing Manager and handles Facilitation, Building Talent and Team as well as leading Execution Excellence. She is #Fun #Inspiring #Friendly #Absolutelydivine and #ForeverKingingInHerQueendom.

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  1. Wit d “sweets”dat I can’t do witout always calling me in Don jazzy’s voice…if u want d sweet,come and collect it…dieting on my mind

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    • Eky Divine

      LOL…Chichi dear, I wee collect it on behalf of those looking out for it.

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  2. Hi Eky, I covet ur grace when it comes to regular workout and wish I can shed some excess baggage very fast like you.

    But its part of my new year resolution to try and be more consistent this year. Smhhhhhhhhhh , dont tell anybody oooo.

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      • Twas interesting and relieving reading this post. Wen i started working out, people thought i was crazy, cos i was weighing 55kg.but they never understood my goals till they start seeing my body changing i.e a more toned body and the almighty packs forming and also the hips. Now my friends wanna b like me, always asking me what to do to get rid of this and that in d body.i only tell them to follow me to d gym and my inatructor will help them, but diff excuses everyday. I must say ‘determination and consistency is just the key to a better and fit body not excuses’

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