Cardio OR Weights?: “I Choose _____________”.

Hello Glammy Readers,

I must say, I feel so excited today. The mails and feedback from everyone about is so energizing. I just want to do more and more and more for all my readers. I am glad that even more than what is expected is taken out from every paragraph written down specifically for your knowledge building.


It’s been Fitness talk and guide so far, our previous post shared good insights into Dieting and Exercising as well as Eating and Training taking lead from my experience on my Fitness journey to #BAEness.

Taking a cue from our last discussion, one cannot go without recognizing the main differentiating factor between Exercise and Training, while one usually goes as a prerequisite for the other, both are entirely two different Fitness programs, – in this case it is Cardio which is a prerequisite for Weights, but gives different result from Weight Training.


It’s not even surprising anymore that most people I have few chats with about Fitness goals don’t quite understand what exactly should be the area of focus in achieving these goals,- it’s totally okay though I was once in that position, I know what I know today because I have learnt the right way and I have the experience to guide others too. Can I even say I am where I want to be in my own Fitness goal, absolutely not but I have clarity, focus, zeal and absolute knowledge to take me to #BAEness.(Smiles).

Now for all my fitness lovers who really want to know why we have to bring coordinating conjunctions for a choice between two important and strategic fitness programs, let’s sit back and just sail on to learn it all.


Cardio is the most effective and common form of exercise for WEIGHT LOSS, whereas Weight Training is the most effective method of BUILDING STRENGTH and BUILDING MUSCLES.

So why then may Cardio be a prerequisite for Weight training when it defeats the purpose of Training?…Smiles, are you sure you are sitting, please do grab a cup of water to increase brain activity and normalize your body system as you read on.


Cardio (which is popularly known as Aerobics) in itself helps to strengthen the muscles involved in respiration to help the flow of air in and out of the lungs, it also reduces stress, blood pressure and it gives the heart strength to pump blood efficiently to the body. Cardio also generates energy to the body, which is why when you lift so much weights and you become slow and not so active, trainers would advise that you do some aerobics frequently for an energetic body. For an intense workout like Weight Training you definitely need this prerequisite majorly to keep you safe and fit for any type of training program.

In addition to its awesome benefits, Cardio still stands as a major fitness program for weight loss and in my opinion, even after weight loss, there comes a time when you need to hit the weights to tone and define the body.- And so if you are looking at building your muscles to look bigger or toned, Complete Cardio won’t get you desired results, but for individuals looking at dropping some weight and staying trimmed, Cardio is your go-to-guy for the results that you seek.


Weights on the other hand are equipments used to build strength and train the muscles. You basically train them and tone them to give you a body shape that is very much defined.

There are lots of equipments that target different areas of the body, – biceps, triceps, glute, abs, back, calves and so on. These equipments though found in gyms can also be purchased for home use.

Figuratively, you can workout with routines that are not “Cardio Phrased”, but still work on these areas of the body mentioned above, the only difference is that you are training without weights, however Weight Training cuts through the hardness and gives faster and more loved results.


I must at this point mention that Weight Training comes with Eating…(Big Smile) please don’t be afraid of the word Eating, Weight Training on a lean body that’s isn’t been built on the right food can not work, you need to eat the right food and add some weight that can be worked on for a toned and defined body.

Now don’t get too scared, putting on some weight doesn’t mean adding fat, but more of building up some body. Now am getting good inspiration to write on Meals For Fitness Lovers….Hmmn, who knows that may just be our next post, but Oh dear!!! I think I may have to postpone my Waist Training post….Well it’s all in the oven and well cooked for you, sooner or later it shall all be served.


In conclusion my much cherished readers, if you choose to stay slim and slender or you want to drop some weight to have a slim and slender look or trimmer look, then Cardio will be your major Fitness program, but if you are looking at building your body, getting nice Abs, bigger butts, or an overall toned #BAEness look then Weights is what you want to discuss with your trainer when next you hit the gym.

I think I’ve had enough of Cardio, am a slim lady looking for awesome ABs, I definitely choose WEIGHTS.


Have a fabulous day everyone, the weekend is here yet again and we are about to start counting the best times of our lives.

I’ll be taking frequent sneak peeks at the comments section, I really want to know what your fitness goal is/are, even if it’s just sipping wine, eating barbecue and watching we fitness lovers go crazy over weights….LOL.


Enjoy your day friend, You Rock.



Eky Divine

Author: Eky Divine

Eky Divine is passionate about Fitness and Beauty, she loves to share ideas on personal development, as she works in a Multinational Company as a Sales and Shopper Marketing Manager and handles Facilitation, Building Talent and Team as well as leading Execution Excellence. She is #Fun #Inspiring #Friendly #Absolutelydivine and #ForeverKingingInHerQueendom.

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      Thank you Tunde, Feedback is much appreciated.
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