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Hope you had a week that started on a bright and promising note, well I bet you did and that’s great news for each and every one of us at the GLAMekizzle Family.

So far we’ve talked a lot about my favorite area of discussion, – Fitness, and it’s been quite an interesting journey with so much learning and engagement. Today’s post is a child of our parent discussion Dieting/Exercising Vs Eating/Training, we’ve spoken extensively about understanding our fitness goals and how best to achieve them without going on the wrong fitness program.
We won’t digress from this today, we’ll only just have another view on choices we make towards achieving fitness goals in respect to Choice of Food or Meals for the day.

There are 2 groups of people,- Weight Losers and Weight Gainers, the 3rd set are people I call Mean Cheat, these are people who basically just want to maintain their body figure as they are usually neither Plus Size or Underweight but a good balance of body build, and so they are happy and comfortable in their spot, but like I always tell the few Mean Cheats I know, always listen in and learn from the other 2 groups of people because child-birth, change of style of living, change of environment & food, financial status, age and time can take you either up or down the Fitness Tree.
Also, I have seen few hidden desires from Mean Cheats ranging from gaining much bigger butts to ABs for a plus on an average small sized tummy and waist. The only thing is that because they are well proportioned in body shape, they can easily hide their desires and still walk around like there were no fitness dream….No way dear, dreams hunt us all.

As Weight Losers, you are taught to stop eating your daily meal and drink lots of water to lose weight. This is rather unhealthy and does not guarantee that you will lose weight. Losing weight or shredding fat does not involve avoiding meals, it includes good exercise and having the RIGHT MEALS, at the right time and in the right proportion.
With losing weight, also try to avoid the “easy-way-out” especially with meals, cutting down macronutrients foods is usually a trick played to deceive your body into losing weight, this can only be done for a short while, soon your body starts to push back on your tricks and usually brings on more weight. That’s when we all go on misled to say Fitness programs don’t work.
With that being said, let’s go in and itemize what a proper weight loss meal should be;

1. As mentioned above, avoid totally cutting down on carbs, protein and fat (healthy fat), this is only a short-term trick to the body, soon when the body starts to demand for nutrient and proper care, it will push back on you with more weight in some cases. Remember it’s all about proportion and eating at the right time.

2.  Don’t cut down on calories, the body needs energy to function and even lose weight. Cutting down on calories would only slow down the body metabolism and makes the body start storing fat to protect itself because it thinks there is food scarcity.

3. It is indeed true that you need to cut down on Sugar, but not all types of Sugar. In this case good Sugar is categorized by Fruits/ Fruit juice, Honey and such like, unwanted Sugar for weight losers are Sweeteners, Soda, and such like.
If you take out good guys as well you are only hindering your body from storing good amount of glycogen.

4. Protein is key to cutting down fat, and so your meals must be mainly Protein.Even cutting down Protein because you are cutting down on all food is harmful to the health. The liver and body detox depends on Protein to function, especially the liver for blood sugar management.

5. Don’t cut off “snacks”, honestly weight loss shouldn’t be portrayed as bondage, there are healthy snacks you can enjoy in between meals and still stay on track with weight loss programs. Snacks contain protein, calories and fiber which we have learnt is key for weight losers. About 100-500 calories is good enough from a snack, so please take note.

6. Finally, limit processed food, ensure you have lots of vegetable in your meals, and eat fruits. They are healthy and are the right choice for weight losers.

Eating habits are usually hard to adjust, which is why some people give up weight loss programs after a short while. It’s because they’ve been informed wrongly. All you need to do is eat the right meals and don’t take out the relevant food.

The other side of the table are the Weight Gainers, a lot of people don’t fall into this group but amazingly there is an increasing number of people looking at increasing weight all for the aim of working towards a toned and defined body shape.
Am one of these guys and so let’s take a good look at what’s relevant for Weight Gainers.

1. First of all, Weight Gaining doesn’t mean adding fat, you are only building up your body so don’t get scared to eat and build up. The only way to gain weight is to eat, but of course eating the right meals – Protein, Carbs and Healthy Fat. I do 40% Protein, 40% Carbs and 20% Healthy fat. I would advise you see your doctor about meal proportions to avoid any form of unwanted deficiency due to our different body system. But it wouldn’t be too far from the standard above, maybe just a little more of this and less of that.

2. You just have to eat at least 5-6 times a day, starting your meal day with breakfast at 7:30am. Please feel free to take snacks and cheat meals but ensure they are healthy fat and carbs with protein. An example of snacks for me is Yoghurt, Nuts and Biscuit. I love biscuits so much, so I guess that just had to fit in. Smiles.

3. I am not keen on supplements, I like to do everything natural , I.e. Do 1-2 and “Heat the Weights”., but there are supplements that help in building the body such as Glutamine, Whey Protein, BCCA’s and then protein shakes.

In the end it’s all about what you eat for both Weight Losers and Weight Gainers, you are what you eat, that’s the norm so eat right.
I know I have some readers that would be looking out for a time-table or list of exact food types…Smiles, I would love to create that for you but in my experience with my sisters a time-table can become boring over time and unknowingly to you, you can possibly walk away from your fitness goal which is something we don’t want happening.
I challenge you to take the initiative to create your meals inculcating the guide provided here today. Make it Fun and Make it Your Goal.

You Are Beautiful and Strong, Be All of You and Nothing Less….Smiles, what’s your mantra by the way, what keeps your mind and spirit going. I’ll love to hear some inspiring words of strength from you in the comments section below.

Have a great day guys!!!


Eky Divine

Author: Eky Divine

Eky Divine is passionate about Fitness and Beauty, she loves to share ideas on personal development, as she works in a Multinational Company as a Sales and Shopper Marketing Manager and handles Facilitation, Building Talent and Team as well as leading Execution Excellence. She is #Fun #Inspiring #Friendly #Absolutelydivine and #ForeverKingingInHerQueendom.

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