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A happy new week to us all. I have looked forward to this day so much simply because this area of discussion, – Waist Training is one that I have a rather interesting experience and journey in. What I love so much about this topic and the whole concept behind GLAMekizzle is the originality and total experience in diverse areas, it’s always so fulfilling to learn new things and experience so much cause then there is knowledge learnt and we all know with knowledge comes Power… (Smiles), and ofcourse I get to share it all with you my lovely readers.

First off, Waist Trainers, Cinchers and Tight-Lacing are all means or ways of reducing inches from the waist to attain a smaller waist and ultimately having a curve that strikes people down at the sight of you….LOL.
Cinchers and Tight-Lacing are not all that commonly used unlike Waist Trainers. Tight-Lacing for one is an extreme level of reducing waist size, it gives all the reasons why people kick against waist training and indeed they are right because Tight-Lacing is unhealthy. An example of this is a young girl, believe me she’s indeed a young girl that had 3 of her ribs removed and she used Tight-Lacing techniques for lasting results, -this is quite extreme.

Now about Waist Trainers, when I first started my fitness journey, I wanted a smaller waist, my goal was to go from 27inches in waist to 22inches in waist simply cause I saw a picture of a good looking girl with such small waist and lovely curves and her waist wasn’t photoshopped at all, it was 100% hers. She also had few pictures of her wearing a waist trainer and gave credit for her smaller waist to the use of waist trainers and that was when my search for a waist trainer began.
There are quite a few myths and misconception about Waist Training and this totally leads people amiss, well here we are today talking about Waist Training, I’ll just put our conversation in itemized bullet points cause they help readers develop understanding, give time to reflect and create images of the event and ofcourse provide clarity on the subject area.

1. From my observation, the main goal of anyone using a Waist Trainer is to reduce belly fat. This to some extent can be achieved because Waist Trainers holds your tummy in such a way that it doesn’t allow you eat as much as you would and gradually you are cutting down on those foods that cause your tummy to grow big and store fat.
When I started using my waist trainer I lost so much weight not only cause of the intense workout but also because I wasn’t eating so much, I mean I wanted to eat but I found out that I couldn’t eat so much, just few spoons and half a glass of water was more than enough for a meal.

2. Another reason why people use Waist Trainers is that they want a smaller waist, this is indeed achieved when you put on a waist trainer, now the clause comes in when you seek permanent results, that is, wearing your waist trainer to some day or in a couple of months achieve a reduced and smaller waist permanently.
I am 100% a victim of this, I wanted to lose 5inches off my waist so I wore my waist trainer for 10hours almost everyday. Yes I got close to my goal, I went from 27inches to 23inches in my waist all in 2-3months but then again I had already lost total body weight. And so the question came up. – If I had lost total body weight regardless of waist training, wouldn’t I still have gotten a reduced waist size since it’s all about weight loss?
I was exercising and wasn’t eating as much due to my very effective waist trainer so well let’s say the waist trainer helped but did I want to lose total body weight, absolutely not. The essence of a smaller waist is to have heart-pumping curves and shape, how on earth does total body weight achieve that. So now I started eating 6 times a day to put on some more weight and NO WAIST TRAINING and yes you guessed right, I have jumped up to 25inches in waist size…Smiles. My point is that with waist training you just have to strike a balance. Permanent results do come over time for some people but it will most probably affect total body weight. While your goals may be ambitious, be certain to draw a line so you don’t go off with undesired results. I mean I looked so frail and skinny but it’s all good, I now face another chapter of fitness, –WEIGHT GAIN.

3. Waist Trainers have been perceived as harmful to the health, LOL, well thinking of the whole concept of Waist Trainers, Cinchers and Tight Lacing I can’t blame you much if you feel that way but Waist Trainers are not harmful to the health if used the right way., which is wearing your size and not staying long hours in them.
While I was waist training my colleagues would always scream that I was tying my womb and squeezing in my intestine, colon, everything in me and killing myself, well my waist kind of looked scary in Colombian XS Latex Waist Trainers but then again I made sure I stayed safe, I just started my blog and was already walking high and fly as a new fitness blogger, feeling all graceful and celeb with my awesome blog and fantastic readers…BIG SMILE, the last thing I wanted was news about the new Fitness Blogger ending up in a Hospital bed for Waist Training reasons, Oh Lawd!!! How would I even recover from the social media effect not to talk of my crushed womb according to my colleagues at work….BIG LAUGH.
Anyways, staying safe in Waist Trainers has to do with wearing your size and for beginners you need to gradually work your way into it, don’t do 10 straight hours for the first time, start off with 30 mins the first day, and then take that to 1 hour the next day and in that order when you get to 4hours, have a 30mins break before going the next 4 hours. Don’t do more than 8-10hours a day, some waist trainer suppliers would advise just 8hours a day.

4. No Pain No Gain is often said about all goals in life but I guess you know that not all rules apply to some games and in this case its Waist Training. So usually while working out and I start to feel pain in my tummy and arms, my trainer would say “Go girl!!! It’s working and you are doing it right” but that doesn’t apply to Waist Trainers, if you are feeling back pains or tummy pains it doesn’t mean it’s working. Contrary to that, Waist Trainers help with back pains and they are not meant to cause any pain to you. If your “waist trainer” is causing you pain then you need to stop using it fast.
Most of these pains are usually a result of sub-standard products and wrong size. Ensure you use one that is your size and is an approved or endorsed quality. It becomes painful and uncomfortable when it’s not your size. Don’t be in a rush to have a smaller waist, do the hardworking involved and stay healthy. Eating healthy and wearing your size is advantageous to your health, anything contrary to this is where there is a problem with Waist Training. Don’t also forget to buy products that are of good quality cause that as well should not be overlooked in respect to your health.

5. Finally guys, results vary. I may lose 4 inches in my waist but you may only be able to get 2 inches off. It’s all about body types. And this takes me back to the picture of the beautiful girl I saw with the amazing small waist in size 22inches. I have learnt through my experience that she was born with a small waist, many models we see are born with that amazing small waist. This doesn’t mean you can not lose some inches to get to a smaller size, it all depends on where you are coming from. Take for example, a lady with size 30inches in waist, with good waist trainer and exercise she can lose few inches off the waist, but she can’t expect to be size 22inches without total body weight loss or some medical surgeries happening to bring the dream to reality, and even when that happens, her health is put under serious risk, there are incidences and stories of people who have fallen into this situation and have their life hanging by a waist trainer. – But a size 24inches in waist can dream about a smaller waist say 22inches, the theory behind waist training already tells us why.

It’s always real fun and educating on GLAMekizzle, I bet we all know that one person who is into Waist Training, what I’ve shared today is all based on my experience and further research but please do tell me about yours, what’s the result for you and what’s the journey like for you or anyone you know, please do share in the comments section below cause we all want to learn from your experience to be more enlightened…Smiles.

Have a GLAMe-fied week everyone, I hope you rock and do great this week.


Eky Divine

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