WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY – Learn The Triple Protection of Oral Health

Hello GLAMMY Readers,

Today is the World Oral Health Day, and what does this mean to you, is it just another global celebration?, are we going to only share pictures of the day on our social media?, or like the purpose of the event it’s time to check our Oral Health status and make those changes to give us a remarkable Oral Health all through lifetime.

When it comes to our Oral Health most people know what should or shouldn’t be but for some reason we pay attention to just one part of our Oral Health which is usually Freshness or like its popularly called Fresh Breath.
Now we do no wrong in caring for a Fresh Breath, but there is more to the Oral Health and disregard or lack of awareness/knowledge of other deficiencies of a poor Oral Health is quite common in societies today.
The World Oral Health Day is hence an opportunity to drive awareness, engagement, knowledge, and actions steps towards everyday growing and winning generation living with a good Oral Health.

It is true that more people suffer from bad Oral Health ranging from cavity, tartar, bleeding gum, fresh breath and a host of others. First of all
1. The type of food we eat has changed, now we have increased consumption of processed food per individual, food with coloring agents and artificial flavours, food containing too much sugar required for the body, snacks easily and regularly consumed and so on.
2. Brushing habits seem to be too much of work as people find it difficult to brush twice daily.
3. When was the last time you changed your toothbrush, I man how long have you had them and in addition to that what toothpaste do you use, and is it doing a great job at giving you the utmost level of protection you need. – This is exactly our World Oral Health Day message to all my readers.
I want us to enter into a new day better informed and aware of how best to keep our Oral Health at 100 it’s not even 50/100 or 75/100, there’s no in between when it comes to your Oral Health is 100 all the way…Smiles.

Let’s take a deep dive into new learning and guides for a superb Oral Health, I’ll do well to guide you on products that offer great value as well and we sure will be celebrating World Oral Health Day as engaged and informed individuals.

Now statistic show that amongst diverse Oral Health deficiencies, there are 3 major areas of concern and in no particular order are;
1. Fresh Breath
2. Cavity
3. White Teeth

Majority of people look for brands that will give them a Fresh Breath, no one wants to worry about how good their breath smells, we all just want to have a good day worrying about other things but definitely not our breath.
Having a Fresh Breath is “Constant K”, why do I ever need to worry about it.
When it comes to Fresh Breath, natural herbs such as Mint and Aloe Vera are well-known to be used by many brands as well as Fluoride which is also a very active component in giving you a Fresh Breath.
In Nigeria we all know Close Up as the Number 1 brand for giving you up to 12 Hours Fresh Breath and they do extremely well on that claim.

Causes of a Bad Breath are:
1. Nature
2. Not brushing as frequently as you should, i.e Morning and Night
3. Old Toothbrushes not changed frequently.
4. Toothpaste and Mouthwash that fail to deliver Fresh Breath benefits
5. Food that have strong aroma.
A good toothpaste and good brushing habit of brushing twice daily will provide you with a Fresh Breath.

This is one major Oral Health problem more people are becoming aware of and look towards preventing it, though quite a good amount of people already have Cavity, it all depends on how severe. Some don’t even realize they have cavity and that shows the extent to which not much care is taken towards Oral Health.
Cavity are those tiny holes that later become massive big holes that ache and cause discomfort. Yes indeed it starts off as a tiny hole visible to the naked eye if critically looked at.
Cavity starts off as a result of poor Oral Health or brushing habit (which is brushing morning and night). When you brush most especially at night before going to bed, you take out all food and drink substances that has gone into your mouth during the day, avoiding them from dissolution which leads to Cavity.

Causes of Cavity are;
1. Not brushing twice daily, – morning and night to remove food hidden or stored in the teeth and gum.
2. Not using products that protect your teeth from Cavity
3. Food and drink substances that get to dissolve and be broken down into teeth and gum.

Above all, everyone wants to have a confident smile, and this goes by knowing your teeth does not appear dull, brownish or creamy looking to the naked eye which is considered as unfavorable and disliked.
One thing I haven’t learnt about White Teeth is that;
1. Some people indeed were born with naturally brownish teeth but that’s just a very minute percentage of population, you probably would meet people with naturally brown teeth only a few times in your lifetime and that’s because it’s quite rare which is surprising as poor Oral Health has always been believed to be the reason for having brownish looking teeth.
2. Most brownish looking teeth are gotten from food and drinks we eat such as food coloring and artificial ingredients, hot tea, native herbs (àgbo), chocolate, alcohol, and artificial ingredients.

Back in the 80s and 90s in Nigeria, children and adults were familiar with strictly using toothpaste for Fresh Breath only as other Oral Health deficiencies were not taken into consideration, as a matter of fact, if you had cavity , bleeding gum or sensitive teeth the blame would be on snacks, not brushing properly, or not having a good toothbrush. While these are a part of the issue, there was a clear oversight of having the right Health Toothpaste that would protect from having these Oral Health issues.

However today we see a paradigm shift, in as much as we all care for a Fresh Breath, there are brands that offer added benefits such as Triple Protection giving you Anti- Cavity, White Teeth and surely Fresh Breath.
Pepsodent 123 Protection is an amazing brand that gives you total and complete Triple Protection in Oral Health and what makes me love this product so much is its White Teeth benefit.- it contains Perlite and High Abrasive Silica that absolutely protects your teeth from food stains as well as remove food stains from the teeth. Remember the mention about how we lose Having a White Teeth, it’s all about the food we eat. Surely we can’t stop eating and drinking our favorites, I love food and I love my snacks but am sure to protect my teeth while I enjoy my food by using Pepsodent Triple Protection. Am yet to find its benefit present in other toothpaste or mouthwash and so am sticking to this one for the long haul.

There isn’t a better way to end our day without taking a pledge to our hearts to change one thing missing in giving ourselves a great Oral Health care. From our conversation today what comes out great and insightful amongst other things is the need to Brush Day and Night everyday For Up To 12Hours Fresh Breath, A Cavity Free Smile and An Amazing Confident Smile.

Remember You Are Beautiful and Strong, Be All of You and Nothing Less….Smiles.



Eky Divine

Author: Eky Divine

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