What’s In Your Plate? – Know More About Balancing Your Meals

Hello GLAMMY Readers,

Hope you had a great Easter celebration.

Today we are talking Health and taking a very good look at our plate. What are those food items that make up our meal for the day? Usually when we talk about meals, we think about a Balanced Diet,- having the proper proportion of all classes of food, but I have noticed with myself and few friends that having the right proportion of food is relative and so narrowing it down to each individual, giving a clear and complete example of the right proportion varies, you get to see that culture, choice, preference, interest, finance and lifestyle influences what we call Balanced Diet.

A meal doesn’t always contain all the classes of food based on food choice you have picked, and this is where I believe we should pay closer attention to. If am going to have Oatmeal in the morning where does all the classes of food come in cause all I see before me is Carbohydrate and Low Protein except when I include milk and then I have more Protein prior to when it was just Plain Oatmeal.
The concept of having a Balanced meal is one that gives you good health, while it is of great value to have the right proportion of all classes of food in a meal, stay true to yourself that all meals don’t present themselves that way due to factors mentioned above.
The healthy approach to this however is to ensure that atleast 2 or 3 Classes of food are consumed in moderate proportions to each other and never consuming one overly more than the other. Take for example one of my favorite meals Rice, having a piece or two pieces of Beef doesn’t provide me a good balance for Protein, – now am not about to reduce my Rice to be proportionate to the meat but I can include favorable combos such as Beans or MoiMoi, Spinach or even Fruits.

If you get to have a meal that provides you with all Classes of food everyday of your life well Thumbs Up!!! and don’t forget to drop your location in the comment section below so we can all come to say Hi!!!.
Now don’t get it wrong, not having meals that contain all the Classes of food in the right proportion doesn’t speak about your inability to provide yourself a good meal, sometimes you just want Burger or Chips, sometimes you just want to relish on a snack and pet your sweet tooth, that’s totally fine and absolutely cool.

That being said, I want to quickly point out a view that shouldn’t go untouched. Meals for the day doesn’t speak about Breakfast alone, or Lunch alone or Dinner alone, as some people do either or one of them. At every point in time when you need to have your meal be it Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner always consider having good proportion of the Classes of food available to you. I would like to say this should apply also in Snacks but the human idea of Snacks sought of breaks all rules to Healthy living whether we realize it or not, Snacks are Fun and Fun most times have no rules…Lord have Mercy!…Smiles.

Now at what time we should have Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner is another discussion but not for today, cause I heard you clearly though you whispered this concern to yourself….Smiles.

I especially love this topic because it speaks to everyone, whether you are a Weight Loser or a Weight Gainer, we all must eat and each time we decide to have a good meal we must take a good look at what’s in our plate.
A Healthy Life is The Life and I bet you couldn’t agree less.

Have a great day always and remember that You are Beautiful and Strong…… And I’ll let you complete the sentence…Big Hug.


Eky Divine

Author: Eky Divine

Eky Divine is passionate about Fitness and Beauty, she loves to share ideas on personal development, as she works in a Multinational Company as a Sales and Shopper Marketing Manager and handles Facilitation, Building Talent and Team as well as leading Execution Excellence. She is #Fun #Inspiring #Friendly #Absolutelydivine and #ForeverKingingInHerQueendom.

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  1. greetings eky…hope u had a gud rest dis Easter holiday. dis post is so insightful, honestly I dnt consider hvin a balanced meal as long as i get filled & that’s why eba with a gud soup will always b my favourite!! henceforth I shall try to add fruit after or before meal, so help me God… amen

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