Beauty Haven: Getting Light Skin Tones and Complexion

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I can’t help but listen in on people’s conversations around topics like bleaching or lightening of the skin. It’s such an unavoidable topic as Nigeria is seen as the country with the highest sales of skin lightening creams, LOL, and then ladies in Lagos are seen as the highest purchasers of all sort of skin lightening creams.

Let’s make this conversation of ours interesting, first let’s talk about lightening creams then let’s enter the hot gist of bleaching vs lightening cream or whatever it’s chosen to be called.

We must never ignore the ladies/middle aged women turning “red” and developing “heavy boils”, they obviously opted for skin care treatment and creams that were so wrong! How bold and ambitious of them, they deserve a round of applause for that. But please, if you are looking to become light skinned, be sure to be ready for the high maintenance that comes with it, its serious expensive business and not a case of trial and error.

Ranging from body wash to daily lightening soaps and creams, injections, pills and all sorts, we must know that a naturally born light skin person would get away with always looking so, she probably isn’t using expensive products but when she stops using the products or the products stop working for her, she will only become a little bit tanned due to the nature of the weather and would never be dark skinned. But for dark skinned ladies looking to become light skinned and bright, you cause the mayhem we see, am definitely not against any personal choice but ensure you use safe products.

There are several lightening processes people engage in, commonly used process is lightening soap and creams from drugstore/lower end to high end products but injections and pills are becoming really popular now. While we have different skin types and different complexions, please note that what worked for Sisi would work slower, faster or never work at all for you.


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Some would say lightening soaps alone work for them while others see it as the necessary range needed to fasten the lightening process, I believe it’s just another thing that eats into your pocket, Soaps are necessary for cleaning dust and sweat from our skin and also treating skin problems like ringworm and such like, a toilet soap or antiseptic soap as the case may be is all you need. For those mixed black soaps that make you yellow in 2weeks please be careful, it’s either they damage your skin and start making you red, green or purple, OR the minute you stop when your money finishes or you see something scary happening to your skin, you return back to your complexion. If it isn’t true then why do you jump from one supplier to the other…lol…trust me we know these things. Don’t cry when you return back to your complexion, the nature of our body/skin is that it helps repair itself, and that’s all that is happening, your skin is repairing itself so you must return to how you truly are.




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Creams are very huge, so huge for one post alone to cover, but I will try. We have so many creams in the market but your complexion matters a lot when you buy certain products. Many people buy products that naturally light skinned girls use and they complain about it not working or turning them darker. – how wouldn’t it turn you darker, forget about light skinned girls, most of these posts are not about them and most products in the market are not targeting them.

From tanned to dark skinned girls looking to get light skin tones, you can only achieve it with products like Hydroquinone, it’s a bitter truth but yet the truth. Your secret cream manufacturer would tell you all sorts about natural fruits and milk and natural cream lightening your skin but that’s a capital lie. With this kind of African weather and with a tanned skin at the least, Hydroquinone is a very active agent for lightening and they are using it in your special secret cream.

However don’t be mad or think too much on it, Hydroquinone isn’t bad, it’s just like a drug and the thing with drugs is that they come as a dosage for a certain period of time, so think very well, does that cream have the right amount of Hydroquinone, if so, for how long should you use it. The wrong information provided creates the danger in using it.

For our naturally born light skinned ladies, we are not forgetting you, you basically just need to maintain your complexion if getting tanned is totally unacceptable. Loads of products provide the solution, but I have seen light skinned ladies go extremely light skinned and almost looking “white” and they get paranoid at any slight sign of tanning from the newly achieved complexion. Well you know what your goals are, but if asked, I haven’t reviewed all products in the market but I have reviewed Clarins BrightPlus HP range. It won’t turn you extra light skinned¬†but it is sure to maintain your tone and even add a clear bright look, and sorry I have no other option or substitute for it. Though it’s very much high end and not easily found here, but why not get the best.

Injections and Pills– Am not even going to waste my time reviewing this, as everything about it just screams wrong!!! Like the mention of it sounds so evil. It makes you ask all the questions on skin lightening and makes you worry at what exactly the chase is for to become light skinned. You need all your cells and organs intact for this life that we live. When you fall ill or have injuries, you need you cells and organs to be strong enough for the fight. The cells that produce the dark pigment of our skin is there for other reasons, why kill it or reduce its effect.

To be continued in the next post.


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