Benefits of A Strong Back: Sex, Strength and Flexibility – What’s Your Pick?

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It’s another beautiful Monday and there’s no better way to start the week than to talk Fitness. By the way how is it going with your fitness goal? Do you need more motivation or You can’t just deal anymore? ….Not to worry, these are stages in your Fitness journey that even professionals went through and that should give you more zeal, knowing that it’s never an easy journey for ANYONE, what makes it look easy is the Drive and Determination and also cause people just need to know you are Sexy and Different…Lol.
For today fellas, we will dive right into the sea of Fitness and hold on to the bubbles of A Strong Back…Whatever amount of time it takes you to read to the end of this post is most likely the length of time it will take you to hold on to a bubble…Wink Wink.

Often times when we talk about our Backs we tend to speak about pains and posture, which in all honestly is a valid discussion, but like all things is life, there is more to it than meets the eye.
Back Pain and Posture is a function of the level of bending, flexing, sitting, moving around, rotating and even twisting. If all these are done well then you totally help reduce possibility of pains and defected posture.

Now I bet a lot of you are already thinking and calculating in your minds, “What does the Back do for my Sex”…..Smiles, well while thinking through the form and structure of this post, my mind couldn’t get off the fact that amongst all things I want a strong back so I can bend to the lowest angle and rise to the highest level easily while conveniently accepting what has been thrown at me during sex with my husband.
I don’t wish to be unable to stand up or turn seamlessly during sexual activities, for me that faults the experience and  not just a sign of laziness or a test to my strength. Ofcourse I told myself I must share this with you, because i know someone out there totally agrees with me on this one.
The back is the major support to the body, it is the one thing that gives you a posture as it carries your body due to its structure, and so any movement you make is made possible with the support of the back. So please understand it is imperative that you have a strong back to see through a lot of activities.

When we talk about fitness, a Strong Back is usually the last thing discussed or the last focus area for a lot of people but trust me there is a balance to everything. You can’t keep going #teamabs or #teamsquats depending on your fitness choice, it is gainful to everyone that you have a strong back. Let’s find out why but I will take our focus points from behind simply because I like to be naughty 99% of the time….Smiles.


Everyone loves a flexible back but not everyone wants to work for a flexible back. Funny to me is that the desires of Fitness are more often than not dreams and less of work put to it.
When your back is flexible you can easily move around and execute activities day on day without stressing the muscles and this all together gives you a healthy activity lifestyle.
The issue of pain and poor posture (slouching) is extremely eradicated when you day by day see that you stretch out and exercise your back making it flexible and strong. You have pains because your back is too tight to handle certain movements and your posture is gradually failing because you do not exercise your back to relieve yourself of the stress from the day.
Stretching exercises are the best to achieve a flexible back and they allow you improve muscular endurance and increase the range of movement to the level where you can bend and twist effortlessly and also stay in a certain position for a longer period of time proving to you that you indeed rock on a strong back.

One of the major benefits of back exercises is that it increases the strength of your back muscles giving you a strong back. Exercises that strengthen the back help to build support to keep your spine in its proper position and I need not mention how that would guide your aging so as to ensure you age with less health challenges as regards Fitness.
There are several muscle groups in our back which are used for several daily activities, such as the Core Erector Muscles that is along the spine and a whole lot of others, all functional for daily movement and work. Shouldn’t you ensure you are doing the relevant daily exercises to keep these guys up, strong and running?


Now we are here, If you read through the discussion on Flexibility and Strength, then you would probably say “Yes Sex is one of those activities we need to ensure we have a strong back for”.
I have heard a lot of people complain about back pain during and after sex, it may not necessarily be about how often you have sex or how intense it was, but instead it shows the level of your back strength as most if not all sexual positions entail you using your back as support for your body, even when you are being carried you still need your back to support your body as you lean on, and for the carrier, lol, you need your back strength first before other parts of your body to hold on to 2 body weight or an additional body weight to what your back is used to carrying everyday which is you.
The secret to conquering this is achieving Back Flexibility and Strength…Smiles…Now you know why we went backwards from our topic, the aim was to provide the base to discuss the 3rd benefit of a Strong Back and not because am naughty but then again I don’t rule out the fact that 99% of the time, I am …….Smiles.
Strong back allows you enjoy sex because you are not bothered about your back getting tired, worn out or weak.

Furthermore, having a flexible back and a strong back is important to everyone who enjoys one kind of sport or the other. You can achieve having a strong back through frequent exercises and you reduce the chances of having pain, weakness, and a bad posture, now please note that back exercises don’t only treat back pain but they see that back pain is prevented. So don’t wait for evil to happen to you, just prevent it from ever coming.

A fit and strong back also allows you exercise to your best and to fullness and so everyone should incorporate back exercises into their daily routine, for start you can have 15mins stretching in the morning and 15mins at night. Do as much as is within your capability, daily building on it just so you can prevent weak back muscles, pains and poor posture that would cost you a lot unlike if you heeded to the guide provided in today’s post.

It’s time to draw the curtain but am quite anxious to know what to you is the benefit of a strong back. Please do use our comment section below and let’s learn from you. With us here it’s Love and 100% Learning.

Bisous (Kisses).


Eky Divine

Author: Eky Divine

Eky Divine is passionate about Fitness and Beauty, she loves to share ideas on personal development, as she works in a Multinational Company as a Sales and Shopper Marketing Manager and handles Facilitation, Building Talent and Team as well as leading Execution Excellence. She is #Fun #Inspiring #Friendly #Absolutelydivine and #ForeverKingingInHerQueendom.

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  1. Sitting for long hours at a go can cause back ache, we should stand and take a stroll for few minutes and do mild stretching if our job is sedentary in nature.

    Nice publication Eky. Thumbs up

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  2. I’ve always had issues with my back. Very interesting post.

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    • Eky Divine

      Thanks Nifemi, do more stretches and exercise and also be on the look out for why you got pains, it could be your sitting position, mattress and weight. take care of the problem while you exercise.

      Enjoy your day!

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