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Hello Guys,

As a continuation to the previous post on Body Odour, sweat and Deodorants, let’s start off with those questions we had to chat and ponder upon. I’ve had open ended discussions with colleagues on these questions and please feel free about your answers they are probably based on personal experience or personal opinions.
Now in answering the question,
1. Women generally believe they sweat more than men which is why a good percentage of women prefer male deodorants and colognes but men do sweat more than women.

2. Everyone believes they sweat more in the underarm and I understand why we all think that way it’s usually because we feel the sweat in the underarms more than any other area but the fact is that the sweat from the underarm is at the most 0.01% of the total sweat from the body.
The sweat released from the skin usually dries up immediately as it’s exposed to the weather more the the underarm which is locked in, hence we don’t seen the sweat up that is released from the skin, but take note dear reader we sweat more on our body and the sweat from the underarm is just too insignificant for you to worry about “sweating too much” or “sweating at all”.

3. The general thought on body Odour is that sweat causes us to smell and as we treat Body Odour, Sweat and Deodorant we will deep dive into this more.

4. The most popular myth on deodorants is that it’s dangerous to the health and can lead to several diseases or ailments. Now this shouldn’t be totally rules out but our discussion on Deodorants will explain to you why you need not worry AT ALL about such myths and what you need to know to keep you comfortable and fresh all day.

5. In developing communities, talc, lime, aloe vera and even low quality perfumes or nothing at all is used as daily care but we see an increased awareness of deodorants and aerosols and it’s fast spreading. In developed communities the use of deodorants is well known and an established culture.

Now let’s get talking.

Body Odour is definitely not caused by Sweating, I repeat, Body Odour is not caused by Sweating. When we sweat, the sweat touches the bacteria found on our skin and that bacteria causes us to smell. Deodorants are then used to kill the bacteria and also block our pores to reduce our sweating to the barest minimum so we don’t have to worry about sweat touching bacteria in any way.
Deodorants contain alcohol that kills the bacteria that causes us to smell and it also contains anti-Perspirant formula that helps reduces our sweat with a gel formed to block sweat pores to feel fresh and dry while it also gives us the lovely smell to feel comfortable

I would like to quickly address Deodorants so I can quickly answers those questions popping in your head after which we’ll move into Bacteria and Sweat.

You need not be scared about Anti-Perspirant Deodorants being dangerous to your health. Now the common fear is that Aluminum and Alcohol found in Deodorants are the harmful agents and poses a threat as well as cause dark underarms.
First of all, there are Roll-ons and Aerosols (popularly called body spray) and both are Deodorants. The best Roll-on in store today have been made to be more water-based, what this means is that there is more of water and less of Alcohol and aluminum. This however makes the roll-on dry less faster especially in a humid environment as the Alcohol which makes it dry faster has been reduced very much but still exist to help kill the bacteria that causes Odour. So you need not worry about dark underarms or health conditions, water-based roll-on reduces the chances of any of these fears and they generally sound safe and pure, So go get yourself one.

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On the other hand are Aerosols and most people prefer aerosols to roll-ons. This however is gaseous and so we can’t call it water-based but unlike roll-on which has direct contact with your underarm, aerosols do not have that direct contact and so when applying it, we give a few inches away which enables air contact with the aerosol and also distributes the product application.
Aerosols dry faster because the alcohol content is more but this shouldn’t call for alarm , the fact that it is gaseous is a plus to caring for your health since it doesn’t have direct contact.
As mentioned above, the sweat released from the underarm is pretty much insignificant to worry about anything blocking your pores, don’t give that as an excuse to smell awful. I have given you the winning points to guide you when next you want to purchase a roll-on or deodorant so please give us something sweet to smell when next we come close to you….wink**.

As for body spray, I believe you know this can not be used for the under arm because they don’t have anti-perspirant formula to help reduce sweating, instead they are applied all over the body and they have the highest content of alcohol simply because they kill off the bacteria on your body that can cause you to smell and then replace that with a lovely smell.

Now on sweating and bacteria, you can’t totally remove or eradicate bacteria and sweating so yes indeed we will have to smell, but what happens is that……

To be continued in the next post. Sorry guys but we need to stop here and I guess you’ve gotten enough to think about till we meet here again. Always share with someone close to you.

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  1. Its really a good & interesting topic. Can we spray our underpants with deodorants too to also kill the “dangerous’ smell that comes from that area?
    i have missed this blog so much but now am back & better *winks*

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    • Eky Divine

      Welcome back Kachiezy, we miss u too.
      Please ooo don’t use deodorants for underpants, if anyone has their underpants and genital area smelly, please check that you don’t repeat the underwear unwashed and there’s no STD of some sort u are suffering from.

      I know u like to joke, lol but hey, I’ll be real for safety purposes

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