Dieting/Exercise Vs Eating/Training – Know Your Choice

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Today’s post is 100% my actual experience on the journey to #SlimThickFit only that I turned more into #SlimThinFit in the early months I worked earnestly to reach my Fitness goal…LOL.

When I first started caring so much about Fitness, my goal was to attain 6packs and Round bubble butts with the body I already have, -no surgeries of any sort. I however started off on a very poor knowledge of what I really wanted to achieve, I was reading everything and doing everything and listening to everybody.
Of course I learnt the bitter lesson people learn when they fail to exercise patience and learn the right way. -Less than 2 months into my new fitness life, I had lost 4kg dropping from 52kg to 48kg, you can just imagine how upset my friends were, at my age weighing 52kg is just too small so I do now need to lose any more weight…Big Sigh. Anyway, that drop in body weight was the first sign that I needed to slow down but trust me, eager and ever-ready mama, I couldn’t stop, all I wanted to see was 6packs.

I have very high metabolism and a body that loses sugar and fat easily with only a good activity for the day and recently I learnt that it’s even difficult for me to put on some body weight, the intense and back to back gym class was just too much for me.
Not only did I lose weight, I lost my woman curves, I started looking thin, unhealthy, dry and not as pretty having lost my full round face and my eyes looked dull and sickly, well according to some wahala colleagues at work….(Smiles).

This was the point when I started to understand the effect of my Fitness program, it was quite a good one, a lot of people desire the results I was having but it wasn’t  relevant for my desired results and there is something called Eating and Training, what I was doing was Dieting and Exercising.
I hope I haven’t changed anyone’s views on Dieting and Exercising, if that’s your goal and aim by all means do carry on, I want to open minds and eyes so more people can understand what is required for desired Fit Goals.

Let’s share more light on what I was doing and since it was Dieting and Exercise we’ll make a consolidated view on Dieting and Exercising to achieve an overall concise and well informed post.

1. Waist Training– Oh Lawd!! I can’t wait to share my post on Waist Training, it’s such a good one with lots of details and funny examples, keep your fingers crossed for that one.
So in order to get 6packs and small waist, I had to lose belly fat. Waist training was my fast and effective choice to help lose belly fat. One thing about waist training is that it doesn’t allow you eat as much as you would so automatically I was Dieting and I wasn’t actually losing belly fat, I was losing general body weight and since I wasn’t eating as much, I had a flatter and smaller waist that went along with my reduced/smaller body size. I keep asking myself though, if I managed to eat as much as I used to, would waist training help burn belly fat for smaller waist and 6packs…Smiles, this question and lots more will be answered in our soon coming post on Waist Training.

2. New Diet Plan: And then there was this new diet plan that had me eating basically NOTHING, lol. Usually dieting goes for individuals looking for weight loss but I’ve noticed this perception that most people have, – it is beloved that once you are in any Fitness program you have to eat less, I believe we just mistaken eating clean meals for eating less meals.
My meal plan was 2 warps of baby size moi-moi in the morning at 9am and few cube-like looking Water melon/Pineapple in the afternoon at 2pm and then lots of water in the evening, sometimes I could do Salad with no cream. This wasn’t even a health plan but all my thoughts was fixed on reducing as much food going into my system so I could get quicker results.
I wonder where I got the strength to even do extensive workouts cause you certainly need food to give you strength for any fitness program.

Let’s take a small break here and continue this gist at 16:00 (4pm Nigerian Time). Remember my New Year Resolution of 700 words per post…(Smiling Real Hard) we are almost at 800 words. But I sure got more for you so see you at 4pm.

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Eky Divine

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