Fashion and Beauty Guide For New Mothers – Part 2

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Following up on our last discussion on fashion and beauty guide for new mothers, first of I want to really apologize for how late this episode has come through, it should have been 1 day after and not 7days.
I’ve had to shuffle between jobs and project at work and barely had any time to attend to my emails and unfortunately blogging. However please note that you are very much treasured by me and I love that you take time out to read and connect with our write up here at GLAMekizzle and I couldn’t be happier.

Now that am sure you are no longer upset with me please let’s get back to where we ended on the previous post as am sure we have pretty much excited women all around the world today today just waiting to have a good day and get ready to feel young, fabulous and sexy again.

4. Clothes To Shop For: Indeed you will have to buy new clothes and remember you need outfits that will be comfortable. However please be careful so you don’t make your wardrobe boring and you begin to struggle with owning yourself and your beauty. I say this because new mothers sometimes go overboard with the word “Comfortable”…Smiles… Well here’s the best guide for you as you choose your favorite designs and styles.

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– Take your time when shopping, don’t get too excited and buy the wrong things or style. The truth is you are still in a transformation process and you need quite a bit of time to feel YOU again. However if you must shop, buy styles that enhance your figure and make you really happy.

– It’s best you look smart and put together after your baby is born so opt for outfits that give you a smart and chic-ish look. Don’t always go with what’s in vogue, though some trends will be fascinating on you and also depending on how you combine them.
Remember the key area is smart and chic-ish.

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– Remember to buy sexy outfits for the times when you are at home with your kids. Most young mothers I see begin to lose taste and fun. Quite frankly it is serious business going through the process of pregnancy and child birth but then again you should always be fun. Cute shorts, crop tops, mini skirts, skater dresses, mini bodycon dresses are examples of those sexy and rather sexually appealing outfits that would give you the youthful feel from within and also leave you appealing to your man. Don’t go about in oversize clothes and gradually start looking like your husband’s aged mother.

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– Now clothes for most of us is either dresses, skirts, pants and tops/shirts. Nothing new adds to this list and that’s okay, there’s no pressure to this. However I have read about looking out for necklines and hemlines that give you elongated neckline and such like.
I find this very interesting and also disturbing simply because we may find ourselves in environments where options are not a qibla to us. We most probably have to settle for what has been shipping into the market with is usually not a wide range of style and concept of fashion. It’s usually a one-way situation but the twist to this is that we have the opportunity to mix and match hence create the perfect style that gives an amazing definition to our body figures.

I will at this point hold up and let you use the comment section below and allow you give tips and tricks for new mothers shopping after child birth.

5. Organize Your Wardrobe:

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Well except if you have a personal assistant whose job is to put your closet in order, I know that organizing your wardrobe isn’t top of list for you. The precious one is born and everyday is about them so there’s definitely no time to go through the closet looking for fashionistic outfits, lol.
The trick to solving this is to clear out the closet. Take out cloths that don’t fit anymore, clothes that are old and worn out, clothes that you rarely¬†used before pregnancy and clothes that make you angry just looking at them but keep those evergreen styles that make you fabulous…Smiles. You definitely will do better with less but great outfits. Shopping for new clothes actually gives you the push to take out old ones so you don’t have to worry about that.
After this has been done, simply arrange them, a good approach is to have pants separate, dress separate, accessories separate etc and have them in hangers and hooks so you can see clearly what is where by the first look.

This is pretty much it on Fashion, as said earlier, I would really love to hear from you what are your favourite styles and your secret to an awesome fashion as a new mother.

It doesn’t end here though, in the previous post I spoke out FASHION, HAIR and MAKEUP for the new mother and so put a smile on your face as we get set to give you full details on HAIR and MAKEUP best for you our beloved new mothers.

You Are Beautiful and Strong, Be All of You and Nothing Less.



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