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Happy new week to you.

Today’s post is exclusive for you our beloved mothers, whether you are a new mum or you’ve dusted your shoes at the labour room door, fashion and beauty is an area everyone should learn a lot from as we more often than not face the same challenge of taking care of ourselves after the new baby arrives. Getting guides and tips to bouncing back from the beautiful experience of pregnancy and child birth is always a good relief.

After a child is born, your body and your mind is in a transition and more often than not, what to wear is usually so much of a struggle that you just settle for anything that catches your eye and kinda looks comfortable regardless of what day of the week it is and what style.
Indeed there is a struggle between taking care of a new baby, taking care of the home front, bouncing back to work for those who have a career and of course taking care of yourself.

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There’s hardly ever enough time to do all three at the pace in which you would love to handle it and so unfortunately your fashion and beauty suffers.
Is there enough time to prepare yourself for the day? Would your pre-pregnancy clothes still fit? “Will I still feel hot, sexy and confident in my new body and look?”.
Well my dear reader, the answers to any question you are asking yourself will be provided no sooner than now.

There are 3 major or should I say popular areas of concern when it comes to fashion and beauty, they are ; OUTFITS, HAIR and MAKEUP.
I also will not ignore FITNESS and HEALTH factors, they are equally as important as the former so we will touch base on that in coming posts.

All along during pregnancy you must have done a lot of shopping for the baby which is good especially as we are never really certain if we will add a few pounds or get our pre-pregnancy bodies back.
Well here are beautiful, sexy and comfortable fashion styles to rock at post-pregnancy.

1. Fitted Clothes: Now the idea is to wear clothes that make you look leaner and ultimately strong, sexy and beautiful. Wearing big clothes, wide pants, loosed tops and sweatpants doesn’t give you a sexy mum look, they make you look worse, sometimes unkempt and they don’t create confidence and glamour which is the dream of all new mothers.
Bodycon dresses are a perfect example of fitted outfits because they come in various styles and designs, you can have them in bright colors, some have flowery designs, mini cape to give a silhouette look, nice cuts and chic-ish designs to the outfit. You can rock them with jackets or accessories to give a really gorgeous look.
Pencil skirts and Tailored pants are fantastic because you can wear a nice shirt or tops and of course throw in those beautiful accessories, please replace loosed pants and skirts that have no style with the lovely tailored pants or pencil skirts.

However comfort is key when talking about fashion, fitted clothes don’t mean tight and over clingy clothes. Bodycon dresses may appear to be such but Bodycon dresses in quality cotton material are exactly what we are talking about.
There is also the concern of your tummy looking big and protruding, please do not be ashamed to use body shapers. Let’s talk more about this in point number 2.
If you ever wonder about where you can easily get this styles please log on to They have a very good variety of these outfits.


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2. Body Shapers:  Body shapers are great in holding in the tummy and hips because they make you look nicely curved, smooth and smaller, though it is usually advised for special occasions only, I don’t believe wearing them more frequently is a bad thing, after all we all want to look beautiful and appreciated all the time.
“Please stop making pleasant comments about my looks” – said no awesome new mother ever.
Get your body shapers to rock on those outfits that are fitted while you lose baby weight.
Body shapers can be purchased from You can check out the owners Instagram account @premadonna87 for inspiring pictures.

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3. Accessories: Who else loves accessories like I do? They are so much of a style enhancer and they give you that excellent put-together look. Accessories are quite huge but for a new mum we can start off with neck pieces, earring, brooches, scarves, wrist watches, bangles, and rings.

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You can match any one of these to any outfit but don’t have more than one on an outfit. For example having a scarf and a brooch together with big earring doesn’t look glam instead looks too much and doesn’t speak beauty.
Neck pieces are great for fitted dresses, shirts and most outfits. Long necklaces that end at your cleavage allows your neckline look elongated and slimmer for those who want to achieve this look.
Never wear big earring with a neck piece together, that’s a big fashion mistake. Big earring are lovely on top-knot hairstyles or hairstyles that are not too bulky.
Dangly earrings, loops, and general big earring whether in beads or gold give a brightened look and gives attention to your face.
Brooches, wristwatches, bangles and rings are also great in giving you a classy look and gives your look and interesting view for your audience. You can match all four together at once as they are used in different areas but be careful not to have too many bangles or too many rings cause then you remove the exquisite touch on your outfit.


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4. Clothes To Shop For: Indeed you will have to buy new clothes and remember you need outfits that will be comfortable. However please be careful so you don’t make your wardrobe boring and you begin to struggle with owning yourself and your beauty. I say this because new mothers sometimes to overboard with the word “Comfortable”…Smiles… Well here’s the best guide for you as you choose your favorite designs and styles….

To be continued in next post.

Sorry we have to stop here, but don’t forget to check in tomorrow for the continuation of this very interesting and enlightening topic.
I would love so much to keep conversing with you today but hey, I think I would rather we take a break and give you time to take in and share what we’ve discussed.

Please use the comment section for any input on the listed points for today, we would all love to hear from you and learn from you too.

You are Beautiful and Strong, Be All of You and Nothing Less.


Eky Divine

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