Final Part: Body Odour, Sweat and Deodorants; A Thin Line Seperates Them All.

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….we need to ensure our sweat is reduced to the barest minimum as it’s not 100% proven that deodorants or anything at all can stop sweating.
However sweating itself is important to our health and bacteria too has it’s benefits. Sweating from the body helps to stabilize body temperature which keeps you from over heating, lol, (that sounds funny) it also cleans the pores of your skin and help destroy bacteria and virus that can not survive in normal body temperature but sweating from the armpit (also called apocrine gland) as mentioned in the previous post amounts to little or nothing of the total body sweat hence we need not worry about blocking the pores to prevent sweating a lot.
The sweat from the whole body is more than enough to provide the health benefits from sweating, we don’t need to over emphasis or play the 80/20 rule on blocking sweat glands to prevent contact with bacteria that causes Body Odour.

That being mentioned, bacteria found on the skin is totally harmless but help the skin’s immune cells fight disease causing microbes but as mentioned above, the whole body has enough skin and bacteria for you to worry about health benefits, and the armpit having it’s enclosed location needs proper care and hygiene to ensure it’s clean.
No one would leave the skin looking dirty or feeling unkempt, or even smelly so ensure to keep your underarm fresh and dry with a good deodorant as advised in the previous post.

Before we close this post, I would like to address known practices that people engage in as their own way of taking care of body Odour and having a personal care lifestyle.
1. Bathing alone can not stop sweating or kill bacteria. Bacteria will always be found on the skin and your skin will always sweat because that’s how it should be as explained above. So we need anti-Perspirant deodorants to take care of the underarm because it has a unique formula to address sweating and body Odour, now if you didn’t read our precious post or you just skipped right down to this part I advise you read the other post on this topic and effectively build your knowledge and understanding of this sensitive area.

2. Talc powder, Aloe Vera, Lime or other fruits/materials used can not give you a sweet fragrance and would definitely not keep you feeling dry. You will indeed smell if you use these materials as your underarm treatment.
However at night after having your bath, it’s advisable to allow your skin breath so there won’t be any need to use deodorants, in this case you can use talc powder to feel cool, aloevera or lime as a form of underarm treatment against dark under arms, brighter looking underarm and such like but definitely not use against body Odour.

3. Perfumes of any standard also do not provide the required care against body Odour, indeed perfumes keep you smelling nice but some intense body Odour can mix with the smell of the perfume and there you have a very chaotic and confusing smell that is much more horrible. Even if you don’t have intense body Odour, a closer contact with you is all one needs to get the body Odour smell come out of you. A deodorant first to the underarm is the right way to go and then perfumes can follow at your discretion.

Deodorants are good and hygienic, they don’t pose any threat to your health and never blame sweating for the way you smell, bacteria found on the skin when contacted by sweat makes you to smell. Now you can never say you will not sweat so no need to use deodorants to kill off the bacteria, sweating is necessary and very much unavoidable.
You have all the guide you need form this post that took quite a but of time to address, so please go through all parts of this topic and gain the knowledge you need.

Remember,  You Are Beautiful and Strong, Be All of You and Nothing Less. Drop you questions and comments lets  all learn from you but don’t forget to share this with your friends.


Eky Divine

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