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Hello Everyone,

Am pretty sure we all had a great week going on well. Today we will be looking at Genital Shaving, and without even saying much I can already feel you saying “Oh no she got to take it all off” – honestly I really want to know what your take on this is but before we give our feedbacks let’s dive into the real conversation.

More often than not, the topic around genital shaving can keep me laughing for days, you will be surprised where the conversation leads to, it’s more or less perceived and discussed as a social topic than a health topic but today we will be giving a change to the gist.

First of all, we can’t talk about genital shaving without giving a view on how most people perceive it, although this write up is a health guide on shaving your private area we will spice it up with frequent points discussed on shaving.

1. Genital shaving first of all is culturally endorsed and accepted so most people will  always shave their parts when required.
2. For men, when you shave your crotch, its less sweaty and shaving generally for both men and women makes you look more inviting and enjoyable.
3. Shaving also allows you create those really funny designs that sometimes look like a land strip and ultimately create some sort of pleasure and spark for enjoyable sexual moments with your partner.
4. For men, shaving makes it easier to let out your cum and gives you that boost to throw your cum to any area. And for women shaving gives you the relaxed confidence to do whatever comes to your thoughts.
5. Shaving for women allows you wear underwear comfortably and feel free because the private part area is smooth and clear.
6. Couples also use shaving as a fun activity…LOL, OK OOO… Well they see it as something to spike up their sexual life and throw abit of fun that would give naughty thoughts and feelings.
7. Shaving during intimacy with couples allows oral sex much more enjoyable and makes flow and penetration easier and really enjoyable, both couples also get to see clearly the private parts and make fun with it.
8. For men, shaving creates the illusion that your penis looks bigger and for women, shaving allows your vagina look cute, neat and newly born. LOL.

Now going through these points it’s clear that shaving is more of a sexual  topic than a health topic which is a bit of concern considering that genital shaving involves more health risk than if you choose to go pro-bush.
Indeed our social and sexual life is very important and too serious to be taken to chances but we must also be informed and enlightened because anything that affects your health automatically affects your social and sexual life. Apparently it’s a circle and we mustn’t break it so let’s now go into health concerns on genital shaving.

Majority of men and women face a lot of trouble after shaving from cutting their skin and sensitive parts to ingrown hair and most common now is infections. We most times if not all the time ignore or over exaggerate what shaving has caused but this post will provide guidance and clarity for all.
Whether you shave your bikini lines, or you shave and leave the middle strip or you take everything off, please sit back and read on the health guide around genital shaving.

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1. Increased STI risks- So this for me is a major fallout from genital shaving lessons, hair removal affects the skin membrane making it easier for bacteria to get into the body. The pubic hair is meant to absorb moisture and drain it from areas not exposed but when we shave we expose our body to infections like warts and herpes.

2. Abscesses- Hair removal practice has brought about increased abscesses widely across all parts of the world which basically is caused as a result of bacteria entering the body through hair follicles but this can be treated and cured.

3. Ingrown Hair- When we shave, we basically take off hair from the top layer of our skin, the bit of hair left at the roots grows in on its own and that’s when we have ingrown hair. It’s usually uncomfortable and painful but your life will not end because you have ingrown hairs.
It also doesn’t matter whether you use blade or wax, none of the methods used can determine if you will have ingrown hair or not.

4. Trimming Is Safer– With trimming you need not worry about ingrown hair, however trimming can cause itching which can make you uncomfortable and believe me discomfort is the last thing you want to have down there. Trimming also makes the hair grow longer so while it avoids certain risks like ingrown hair, it can also give some amount of discomfort so choose your lesser evil.

5. Shaving Creams- Most men and women find this uncomfortable because they have to wait for it to work on the hair and then they have to stay in a position to prevent shaving cream from touching and entering the vagina in the case of women, but shaving creams have been found to be the safest methods for shaving simply because they totally reduce the chances of cutting yourself and getting infections from cuts, but most doctors and manufactures advise that you don’t allow shaving cream touch your genital for health purposes.

There you have it, now you know what genital shaving really entails, while we would love to give full attention to our sexual life, also care for your skin and remember it’s a link, anything that affects your health will slow down your sexual and social life.
Most people that do not shave their pubic hair are usually those that are not sexually active and from time haven’t cared much about shaving.

Deciding to keep your pubic hair for some people reflect poor hygiene standards but that’s not true, you do not lack hygiene discipline simply because you choose not to shave. But be sure to wear good quality underwear and more of loosed clothing to avoid damp smell and absorbed sweat smell in the area.
Some people also feel that it’s a problem keeping your pubic hair but then the pubic hair can only grow to a certain length and can’t be fuller than a certain stage whereas shaving makes the hair thicker and grow even more coupled with all the risks.
The scare of tangled hair is also reduced to the barest minimum because you get to soften the hair with soap and water when you bath.

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It is however a personal choice to shave your genitals irrespective of the risk, genital shaving has been done for centuries now and is widely preached but we all just need to be aware of the risk no matter the decision taken. If you are worried about infections, cuts and ingrown hair all you need to do is to visit a doctor or use the best methods to ensure you are comfortable and happy.

Now I know some of us in between reading this post wondered away and were thinking “Is it me or does she sound anti-shaving?”…LMAO, believe me am seriously laughing at all possible thoughts, genital shaving is a topic that breaks loose diverse personal views so there will be no surprises with us here today. Don’t however forget to share the lessons learnt and drop your comment for an open forum to learn.

Enjoy your weekend all the way and remain Beautiful.


Eky Divine

Author: Eky Divine

Eky Divine is passionate about Fitness and Beauty, she loves to share ideas on personal development, as she works in a Multinational Company as a Sales and Shopper Marketing Manager and handles Facilitation, Building Talent and Team as well as leading Execution Excellence. She is #Fun #Inspiring #Friendly #Absolutelydivine and #ForeverKingingInHerQueendom.

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  1. Nice post, I want to say only that Shave it or cream it but always keep your private parts clean and healthy.

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  2. Genital shaving is a must for all hygiene lovers. Overgrown pubic hair leaves pigment and combine with sweat= oozes lol, its a no no for me . I wouldn’t recommend shaving cream or powder rather I would recommend a good shaving stick with glides for ladies and guys but sitting position on the WC or the of the bath tub with both legs in the bath tub can prevent cut for the ladies. Shaving cream or powder works better for legs and arms.

    Good blog.

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  3. Unshave private P can customers Serz gbege doing d dotido» » » » » » am sure grab

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  4. Omo this is necessary. Com // its good for everybody //

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    • Eky Divine

      U welcome, for the giveaway pls leave comments to win on the giveaway post. Just tot to mention Incase this comment is going for the promo

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  5. Insightful read. You could recommend the best “shaving” products for down there.. lol

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  6. Hi Eky
    Its an interesting topic you discussed but since when i was young i love my genitals clean and safe even when i was sexually active. i cant really stand an unkempt pubic hair. it irritates me like goooosh. i would love if you give us safe tips on what to do when we shave our pubic hair because i know most people do shave to keep their sexual life active

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  7. Eky Divine

    Thanks guys for all the funny and encouraging comments. It’s really nice and pleasing to know people appreciate the efforts am putting into making this blog unique.

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    • You did not recommend any cream or powder that is ok for us to use…

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      • Eky Divine

        Hello Alabi,
        With shaving cream and powders you need to use a recommended one, I know someone that uses Veet very well without any issues but my sister reacts to it and a friend of mine get bumps from using Veet, you just need to know what goes well with your skin. For all you care blades could be better than powder and cream but on the other hand, if you don’t use clean blades you could break out with bumps.

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  8. I couldn’t help but share this post when i came across it on twitter. Nice article dear…very educative. THUMBS UP!

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  9. good afternoon Glam readers…I got to find out from a friend on facebook that there would be awoof here soon…lols…how true is that? and also I have been going through most of the posts here and must confess that am in love with this blog…kudos to the founder and may Allah in his infinite mercy give you the strength to continue this good job that you have started…Amin!
    …ermmmmm one more thing oo… ‘I wee go and shave tooo’ lMaO

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  10. Nice post cause it merges with my plans for tomorrow… *tongues out*

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  11. Han naa…must you say this kind of thing publicly? na wa ooo….mtcheeeeeeeewwwwww

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    • deby, u wanna sound so clean now abi as if you are not guilty of any of the above mention…lolz…just saying sha
      as for me, this post is cool….thanks ooooo and we await the give away o *winks*

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  12. please can you recommend a shaving cream or powder that is ok for us to use?

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  13. Great Post! keep it up! nice social media drive

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  14. Just left office now and came across this post on twitter..I really love this ooo…cause one of my friend hates shaving….lolzzz

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  15. Nice article, i personally think genital shaving is hygenic no Matter d risk involve….wot kinda person leaves his/her private part bushy??!

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