Is It Really STD or Just A Reaction?

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Have you ever wondered if every thing that appears as an infection is indeed an STD or just simply a Reaction.
Now where do we start from today, STDs are a very vague and wide topic when talking about sex and sexually transmitted infections. As always today’s post is birth out of a real life experience and yes I got all the permission to share with all my lovely readers….Smiles.
One thing I do appreciate from all the stories and situations I come in contact with is the depth of learning gained, with an everyday reminder than life indeed is a lesson, we just need to hold on fast to what we constantly learn and let our growth so shine forth.

A quick background to our conversation today will do us well in getting deep into understanding the realities in situations where we find ourselves worried over “Is it an STI or what’s wrong?”.
I grew up in a neighborhood where our neighbors were almost our sisters cause they practically lived in our house having to stay with us after school waiting for their parents to return and on weekends we had to do homework together and in many cases they just enjoyed staying with us, so yes we grew very close and developed that sisterly trust for one another and that is why I have to get her to sit beside me as I write today as a symbol of respect for the trust she has in me, it’s absolutely her idea and approval to share what we call “Much Ado About Nothing” as learnt from Williams Shakespeare.

After about 2years of celibacy, my dear sister whom we shall call Nana met with a guy and into their relationship they got intimate, their first intimacy brought about pandemonium not because she broke her vow to celibacy but 3days after she developed 3 strategic sores and redness around her vagina with a little discomfort and itching, believe me we didn’t go to bed without practically reading every post on Vagina, STDs of all levels and even Home made remedies for treating STDs.
It was such an exhausting time cause it was almost like we all individually own a sore….Big Sigh.

Exactly 2 days after the events passed, we got test results showing that she was fine but ofcourse we were all still worried because we only searched online for explanations about her situation and we got answers on HIV, Herpes, Crabs and we totally ignored results on Sexual Reactions and focused on the HIV-like kind of post almost acting like we were hoping that would be it, – but then you know how test results say you are fine and all your worries just goes out the window and everyone acts normal like nothing ever happened. – This type of human reaction to “Once upon a time serious, peace taking and heart troubling situations” that have been pronounced void baffles me a lot, cause there is always this thin line between learning and forgetting which is more often than not crossed or even erased like ….”I see no lines”.

In about a week, Nana came home after work and she was herself and I just sat there curious to know how comfortable she was and how she was faring so I asked the obvious question…How far with your infection?” And she goes “What Infection?”… I just stood still not really sure how to express rage, resent, relieve and worry all at the same time, – then she confirms that it actually went away by itself without any medication. I strongly belong to the School of Thought which says that the body has the ability to heal itself which is why having a good diet and living a clean lifestyle can’t be more emphasized, but in the case of a supposed STI, it can be more that just the body healing itself.

This is the part where we shove Nana away, her part of the story has ended she can go sip on her tea and lets find out what exactly happened, was it really an STD or was it reactions from abstinence, What is there to Learn from this?

STD/STI are sexually transmitted diseases with similar symptoms such as Nana’s, – sores and redness of the vagina amongst others such as itching, abnormal discharge, pain and so on which she didn’t particularly experience.
On the other hand there are “STD-like” symptoms that are gotten from sex but they are not STDs in their reality, there are called Sex-Reactions or Sex Allergies.
This is basically your body telling you that you have done something different, it doesn’t matter how often or when last as they may come frequently or not at all but Sex Reactions happen that often….Smiles.

Sex itself involves serious body contact, intense body movement and exercise, sweating and brushing of skin against each other and this is where many reactions are gotten from. Many go unnoticed but just like Nana some can throw you into unwanted anxiety.
There are a number of Sex Reactions/Allergies one can get but there are 2 common reactions and 1 other reaction we most times don’t even realize we got that from sex.

1. Semen: The nature of Semen or Seminal fluid should not pose any negative or adverse effect to women, but medical studies have shown that the Protein found in a man’s Semen can cause a woman to have reactions that appear as infections.
This also takes me back to popular medical knowledge about some women being allergic to a particular man’s Semen and at the same time some women being allergic to multiple sex partner’s Semen.
The health status of man can also determine if a woman would react to his semen or not. If a man is taking medication which a woman is allergic to, she most likely would get some reactions.
General symptoms are discomfort, itching and burn-feeling in the vagina, – best easy to prevent. Such from happening to you is to use a Condom. However Condoms do sometimes cause the same havoc you were running away from.

2. Latex Condom: This is actually the most common way of getting allergies or reactions after sex which is quite unfortunate considering the importance of this material to saving lives.
First of all the lubricant in condoms can cause irritation once the vagina is exposed to it, while Latex condoms are very popular in developing markets such as ours, there are Non-Latex condoms easily available and accessible and so don’t go off having unprotected sex and adding sorrow upon sorrow when it’s more than just reactions you are battling with.

Latex condoms can also form irritation in men too not just women and this happens from minutes to hours after exposure which can last for few days. The vigorous activity of sex further creates the irritation with the Latex condom for some people who have tight vagina or very large penis forcing its way through. – Blisters and Itching skin are just the symptoms that embrace you once you get an irritation from aggressive sexual activity, other symptoms from Latex Condom irritation are Burning and Rash?

3. Other Reactions: This includes those reactions you get from excitement and the intense exercise of sex,- running nose, sneezing and nasal congestion, back pain, sore muscles, neck pain and so on are known reactions. All treatments depends on the level of severity. As always I advise that you visit your doctor and get the right treatment.

Please note that what you have may most likely be a type of STD so it’s important that you visit your doctor when you have any kind of symptom that you are certain came from sex, – protected or unprotected. What we have shared today is knowledge to give you a good night rest and also empower you to take the right decisions.

It’s been quite a read and what a way to start the month of March, we should call this month CHANGE REACTIONS ,- a month where we put focus to Sexual Wellbeing and taking Daily Steps of Safety in ensuring we are at all times safe and sane enough for enjoyable sexual pleasures.

Remember to share what you have learned today with friends and loved ones,- we all have Nana in our lives who need that assuring confirmation that all is well and fine.
I do enjoy all the experiences and encounters I come across in life, while there are times when it’s painful and hurting, there are times when it’s all laughs and an immeasurable merry heart…We laughed a lot while writing every piece of today’s post.

You are Beautiful and Strong, Be All of You and Nothing Less.


Eky Divine

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