Monday Special: 10 Interesting Things To Try This Week

Hello GLAMekizzle Readers,


A happy new week to you. Recently I have been asked what else I do besides working and blogging and that has been a resounding question from friends, family, fans, well-wishers, troublemakers, and ALL.
It actually got me thinking and somewhat worried, I barely have time for fun and am always working so hard and so occupied with WORK.

I have a 9-5 job like most of you know already and then everyday after work I go straight to the gym and return 10pm to prepare for more on GLAMekizzle as well as prepare for the next day at work.
I don’t even have time to rest from going to the gym, I am overly expectant for results which is ironic to think am the one always preaching Rest and Patience…Smiles.
Weekends are even more tedious because I spend the better part of the morning in the gym, spend all my afternoon researching and reading and then all evening am surfing the net for images, writing down ideas and trying very hard not to sleep off on work which most times doesn’t happen as planned.
Now I bet you probably have a similar story, it’s being work, work, work and none of fun, fun, fun,- well today we both will join hearts and hands to create a splendid and awesome week. That being said I have drawn up a List of must do action for this week, not that we will go right back to our old style of living, Lol, but let’s see that we do a lot of Fun activities, now does this mean am going to be off GLAMekizzle, well some what Yes and somewhat No, Smiles…I’ll definitely drop in frequently to read your lovely and sweet comments plus a have a write up on Beauty that I can’t wait to share.

Here are the 10 things we will be doing this week…I hope to see a lot of people get in and try them too!

1. Ask Your Crush Out: Everyone has this one girl/guy that you dream of having the best of times with and your thoughts each day is surrounded by this individual. Only he/she can put a smile on your face and make you happy, – well now is the time to break all barriers and tell this special person just how you feel. Ask him or her out and express your feelings.

2. Switch Drinks- No Alcohol/Soft Drinks: This week we are going to try something a little bit tasking, now for me I don’t take alcoholic drinks but I will have nothing less than a few glasses of wine or shots of vodka drink every night for the rest of the week. However, for all those who do take alcohol, you will have to stay off it and stick solely to water, juice or soft drinks ONLY. So we will be switching roles and having a taste of the other person’s experience….wink.

3. Kidnap LASTMA/Law Enforcement Agency: LOL…This is definitely something I’ve always wanted to do, I want to kidnap a LASTMA official and drive so far away he’ll scream for his mother and wish he never got into my car…LOL…The only saving grace will be not being crossed by any Law Enforcement Agency, be it VIO, FRSC, those guys that wear pink or is it purple and then I see some funny dudes in yellow shirts now, whatever you all are, better stay away from me this week…come back next week….LOL.
Please note this is for those with a good sense of humour and is a joke to make you laugh, you don’t need to carry out this action so please don’t harm or hurt anybody, lets just be funny and skip to number 4.

4. Reconcile With The Amazing “Ex”: I don’t know if I speak for myself when I say this, but there are Exs and there is an Ex, one who stands out and damn, you wish it could happen all over again just to make things right. But then again as we grow and experience more, we tend to see that not much was left behind but like I said I probably may be speaking for myself so let’s see who can reconcile with their Ex, call that person up, have a nice time out, hug, kiss and fall in love again.

5. Meet A New Friend: Oh! I love this so much, you know why because I actually do want to meet a new friend, not just someone to say hello to and have boring chats with, but someone I can go on all my adventures with. I have met quite a couple of friends via my blog and social network so this week I will randomly select one person and have a fantastic time with this individual, – drinks, movies, dinner, games all the fun stuffs we both like to have. Who will that person be though..Hmmmnn…I wonder…wink.

6. Go Partying: So my cousin saw this and actually gave me a “You are Kidding me” look, LMAO…. believe it or not, I haven’t attended any party this year except for those mini get-together at work and I won’t exactly call them parties or events,- there has been no clubs/parties, no social events of any sort and I feel my social life is gradually turning down, so this week am going to see through attending a nice party, invited or uninvited am gonna turn up right.

7. Go To The Beach: The last time I went to the beach was around mid 2013, not so long ago but then again, a recent visit won’t do any harm, let’s go see what’s new and have loads of sight-seeing, I think that’s what I do when we go to the beach, just look at people and look people and look at people then trick myself to believe I can go far into the water and after that, dance a little while inhaling cigarette or SK and go home still looking at people having “Fun”…..Sigh…Well I’ll try to do better, believing there is much to be done. (I mean that with all seriousness…SMILES)

8. Surprise Someone: Can you do something so heart felt for someone, what can that thing be by the way, I wonder myself but I know for a surety its totally amazing to see someone get moved and soaked in your kind and touching gesture that meets a need. Do you want to cloth a mental patient? Do you want to feed a beggar? or Do you want to answer a dire need around you…Smiles, whatever it is just be nice and surprise someone.

9. Lend A Helping Hand: Don’t just do this in conditions seen as best fit, give a lending hand to someone in need going the extra mile. It could be your subordinates at work, it can be your workers, it can be your younger one or an older one having challenges with certain tasks or you are Ina a situation where you can provide help. Whatever the case may be, what is important is that you are extending a helping hand to a problem.

10. Take A Risk: This is so vague and can mean anything, taking a risk can be kissing a snake, crossing 3rd Mainland Bridge with your eyes closed, or driving 180km in the middle of the night, I don’t know what risk may be for you but think of one enjoyable risk and take it. Please don’t take life threatening risks, what’s the point if you not going to come out of it feeling like you have accomplished something, or you come out of it with but only as parts not whole.
Enjoy the risk you are taking, let it be one that will always keep you smiling at the thought of it…I wish I could tell you what risk am going to take this week but I want to keep the suspense till the end of the week when I tell you how well my Bucket List went.

Have a great week everyone, Remember to stay happy because you are Beautiful and Strong.


Eky Divine

Author: Eky Divine

Eky Divine is passionate about Fitness and Beauty, she loves to share ideas on personal development, as she works in a Multinational Company as a Sales and Shopper Marketing Manager and handles Facilitation, Building Talent and Team as well as leading Execution Excellence. She is #Fun #Inspiring #Friendly #Absolutelydivine and #ForeverKingingInHerQueendom.

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  1. Cool and Eventful for you… But i wont be trying more than number as usual.

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  2. Hey everybody sharing mine late tho
    I sha did a few of the things

    1) I actually wanted to ask my crush out then she told me she’s in love with my male best friend so I kinda scrapped the asking her out part

    2) Didn’t do the alcohol no alcohol is kinda my legacy

    3) I couldn’t kidnap anybody cause my Dad is a military personnel I sure wouldn’t want my Dad to be kidnapped

    4)I kinda called my ex md reconciled with her we’re cool now but I don’t think I’ll like it to go farther than that

    5)I actually hanged out with one of my new friends did a lot of fun stuffs organized a basketball competition it was fun tho

    6) The partying own was cool sha it was a house party an after party for the basketball competition

    7) Didn’t have time for beach

    8) I did this one to my surprise
    I threw a surprise party for my Mom it was really awesome

    9) I wasn’t suppose to but I actually did
    A lady had a flat tire on the 3rd mainland bridge while driving past her I noticed that she looked confused so I came down to help her lucky enough she had a spare so I just fixed it

    1O) Taking a risk has always been my thing so I took one as usual
    I mocked some police officers and went on in an hot pursuit
    Omo remain small dem for catch me o
    I sha escape sha.

    Did a lot sha

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    • Eky Divine

      Wow, that was actually fun…Smiles, don’t forget to keep doing fun stuffs ALL THE TIME.

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  3. Eky Divine

    Hey Guys, Its been a very eventful day and of course am going to share how my previous week went with our Special 1O Interesting Things To Do…..LOL, I hope you don’t laugh at me *covers her face* but I think I did very well.

    1. So I basically do not have any crush, Smiles but I kind of looked for one all week, the one I found eventually acted very silly at the verge of me asking him out, he called another girl pretty and said he had his eyes on her the first day they met, it was a joke but I was finding it really hard to smirk let alone laugh. Mscheww…To the left Bro.

    2. I was supposed to buy a bottle of red wine for the week cause I believe that’s more than enough but each time I decide to go buy one, something comes up and takes the cash out of my hand so somehow I kept postponing until Saturday night when I got a flu-like feeling and couldn’t remember anything but my bed.

    3. For some reason I couldn’t find any Law Enforcement Agency on the road, they were either not available or where on the other side of the road, one time I actually saw them stop a car before me but I kind of prayed in my heart not to be stopped so I guess my prayer was answered…SMILES.

    4. I think my ex reads my blog, because indeed one very silly ex tried to reach me, the wrongest ex ever but I had my eye on my very First Boyfriend I dated when I just got into the university and we kind of stayed till my final year but then he became an ex somehow. Anyway I planned to reach him but then I felt naaahhh….maybe not today so I called up a toaster form the past and I said well he’ll just be the ex, he’s amazing, funny and well he lost his dad (God forgive me) so reconciling from our very babyish-puppy-love fight was an easy one…WINK

    5. I have met a gazillion friends recently and was actually going to see one but I had a flu and I was tired and mehn!! I think BBM chat should suffice.

    6. I was going to have a nice evening on Friday with my cousin in all these clubs on Victoria Island people make noise about but then I saw pictures of people who went out and are now missing then I remembered what Pastor preached one day and small time I remembered one horror movie I watched I think it was Friday The 13th, -so I thought better safe than sorry…*covering my face*… Jokes apart, I think I cant even do clubs no more am close to my 90s I should relax more at home…Shinning my Teeth.

    7. I forgot, I totally forgot, Sunday would have been the perfect day but I just forgot and remembered just few seconds ago that I actually was supposed to go to the beach. Am so sorry cos this was an easy one and believe me I really wanted to do this lovely things but I don’t know what happened. I guess I should have set reminders….SAD FACE.

    8. SMILES… Last week I walked away from revenge and chose love, help, and sincere friendship by just taking the lead and helping a not so good/friendly colleague not experience loss. The expression from this individual made me think in my mind would it kill you to actually be intentionally good too.

    9. I think I helped my younger sister with a lot in winning series of stages in candy crush, winning her puzzle like game on her IOS device then I helped her do something cool I believe cause she keeps smiling at me.

    10. A risk actually presented itself to me without even asking. A serious torrential rain fell on Friday 2nd Oct and I was on 3rd Mainland Bridge, now everywhere became dark the rain was too heavy for the wind shield so no one could actually see and drive, even the Caution light was seen faintly, The rain was that serious so from 80km all cars dropped to like 5km in the same split second with no traffic at all, how we all stopped and moved at the same speed is still a miracle, cause I was just shouting BLOOD FO JESUS TAKE ME HOME…I was scared oooooo. Driving in that condition on 3rd Mainland is the risk of life and it wasn’t even funny.

    there you go guys, I rate myself high cause I actually did try and the ones I did, I did well and felt good about it. The spirit and the heart counts a lot and I hope we all hold on to those beautiful things we learnt from our Interesting Things Done.

    Love you ALL.

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    • luvly, I think d law enforcement agencies also read ur blog hence they avoided u, nobody wants to b kidnapped, lol.
      No.8 speaks so much abt d kind of person u are, I’m learning from u ma,.lol

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  4. I had a great week, I’ve always not been good with resolutions but i try.
    first I’m going to tell u some of d tinz I didn’t do & y I didn’t for dem. I didn’t ask d chic in my chr out bcox she knows my gf..too risky! I consciously avoided alcohol until Thursday, independence day event & I was with friends d enticement was jux too much. but I did a few of these tinz, I gave out my football boot, no beach here so I went clubbing & d peak of it all for me was calling my ex, I’m so glad I did, I said sorry for d way I treated her & we’ve been doing whatsapp since den.

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    • Eky Divine

      WOW….am so touched to know you could do all that, LOL, I will be sharing my experience pretty soon, I just want to send out some reports to my boss then i’ll make everyone laugh and see how crazy I can be…WINK

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  5. That’s a good time for me, I hope to try my too. I have just did one now. Hahaha

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    • Eky Divine

      Hello Uche, please share which one u did, am actually anxious to hear it… LOL

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  6. wow I love this.. it has gingered me this morning.
    with this I have restructured my week to do 80% of the things listed here. let’s see how it goes

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    • Eky Divine

      wow, nice… where have you been by the way, good to have you back on, I sure missed u… let’s do this between u and I, lets see who did the most, NO OJORO OOOO, lets do it for the love, smiles

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