Sex, Flexibility and Fitness – Strike The Balance (2)

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Men are seen to be more sexually active and use more energy during sex, (well if you feel differently please comment below) so they would rarely have pains in their thighs except if he is not very sexually active then he would be exposed to pains in the thighs.
The principles however apply to both new and old members…LOL @members. You need to be flexible and fit to go on a fast, energy consuming and tedious activity like sex, otherwise you will struggle through trying to express yourself, having fun and also delivering as promised.

Solution: Find a nice fitness program or 30minutes daily workout online that you can freely do. These workouts have stretching routines that go a long way in having a flexible body and they are home workouts that motivate you to step up and grow yourself in fitness.

2. Health Issues: This is a very touching area as it begs all the questions and topics on couple’s understanding of their partners needs, sex before marriage and ofcourse fitness.
Some women have bruised cervix, uterus and bladder as a result of a very large penis roughly penetrating inside them. For most women this has caused fertility issues, but why go through pain if the sole reason for embarking on the journey is for pleasure. Check and understand what your body needs before you start wishing for large penis that will bring tears.
In other cases, a wounded cervix and uterus can also be as a result of the woman not positioning herself properly during intercourse, perhaps she went on top without been properly lubricated and the forceful entry has caused a wounded uterus or cervix.

Solution: Staying on top and handling the activity requires stamina and flexibility, engage in stretching exercises very frequently to loosen up the stiff muscles and waist, also learn to jog a lot so you are exercising your whole body especially your legs, making it fit and strong to go on any ride.

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3. Body Weight: There is this misconception that plus size people or overweight people can’t do much stunts. This is clearly not true, my first fitness accountability partner was a plus size lady and she learnt how to split way before I could do it, she was active and full of energy. However, most plus size people themselves believe they can not attain flexibility and so just live by what they know.
In reality, anyone can be flexible, plus size people may not be able to so certain stunts because of their body size but they are not totally restricted from being flexible.

Solution: Erase that doubt from your mind and begin to look for fitness and workout plans that would help you become more flexible and those routines would also help you become fit and look fit through everyday activities.
As you engage in energy burning activities you will indeed shed some weight, but if your partner prefers you as you are without loosing any weight please also take time out to understand what he truly wants during sex, don’t be totally naive, remember I told you plus size people can be flexible and so special stunts, you don’t want to leave things to chances.

4. Overall Tiredness: Majority of people fall into this category, LOL, the match hasn’t started and it’s game over already. You are 100% unfit.
Sex is an enjoyable activity and it’s something to look forward too, it’s also something you cant say you’ve had enough of, it keeps coming and you keep taking so your inability to see through a pleasurable time clearly spells out fitness deficiency.
Your inability to stay in certain positions for a long time or handle some positions without breathing faster than usual actually calls out for a need to go straight into a fitness program.
It’s actually very good that we get to realize this things because people don’t grow old these days before their sex life’s grow old with grey hair. Even when you are naturally flexible, you need to constantly keep up due to our changing and aging body.

Solution: Exercise, run frequently, stretch often, relax more and don’t take stress or hectic working hours as exercise, you are stressing and killing your body, pushing to old age faster than it would on it own.

I would like to stop here and allow you share personal or known experiences on sex and flexibility.
Sex, flexibility and fitness are closely knitted together but we always like to seperate them and ignore them. Put them together and see how lively, happy and expressive you would be. There’s sure to be a change when you focus on your fitness.

Finally before we log off, don’t go bouncing around and thinking flexibility and fitness is for sex only, absolutely not. It’s major advantage is that it  keeps your body youthful and energetic as you grow daily. Sex however is an important aspect of our relationships and life so we better know an added advantage to being flexibile and fit.

You Are Beautiful and Strong, Be All of You and Nothing Less. Please drop your comments let’s all learn from each other and don’t be left out in our #thankyougiveaway. Get your team and win big!!


Eky Divine

Author: Eky Divine

Eky Divine is passionate about Fitness and Beauty, she loves to share ideas on personal development, as she works in a Multinational Company as a Sales and Shopper Marketing Manager and handles Facilitation, Building Talent and Team as well as leading Execution Excellence. She is #Fun #Inspiring #Friendly #Absolutelydivine and #ForeverKingingInHerQueendom.

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  1. nice write up @Eky…enjoyed reading all of it…exercise is a sure fin for anyone…

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  2. Hahahaha Waib or what ever you call urself,you sound like the voucher card dey pain you! Are you DAT broke? and petty over vouchers and movie tickets? Hahaha you stupid and block headed waib going down memory lane Linda had a lit of pple like y’all on her ass calling her names and thinking she was all a joke now u dey famzy her like say u be her fan lol u have no f**king clue what you are saying so get your shit together and go deal with ur success issues. Cos these are still Eky’s baby steps when she starts big time u fit go hang urself by then. Go Eky! Keep it up

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    • Eky Divine

      @anonymous and @cheekay …Have a fabulous weekend guys, sure u had a great week.

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      • Eky…Don’t think that these sorry ass guy will save you from the shame you have brought upon yourself…Deep down ur soul, I know u know that what other people like me are saying is true..
        I would never say a word again…wish u well

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    • Lols…Check very well dear…I never enrolled in the contest…LWKMD…all you just said now na for urself…

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  3. i knw u’ll cone back, I pray God keeps u alive to read d success story of dis blog. that’s if bad belle doesn’t kill u b4 ur time

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  4. Lol…now U’re signing out, oloshi come & continue blabbing…U’re as senseless as ur name sounds

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    • Vigilante! Joor O! Gbogbo Defenders team…I hail this how u want to waste your 1k recharge voucher? Lols…@ Cheekay…anyway, I am not surprised…After all they bought the people of Ekiti with Rice…lWKMD…

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      • I pray God keeps u alive to read d success story of dis blog. that’s if bad belle doesn’t kill u b4 ur time

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  5. waib U’re a complete nuisance, must u advertise ur stupidity in public?? how many times hv u commented & call her names & she ignores u??!! advice urself & get a life!! if u care to know I’m a beneficiary of her giveaway…oloriburuku

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      Oya those that want to say nonsense TURN UP!

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  6. Hmmm this sex and flexibility issue has reminded me of those times when I could split and pull some stunts while on top! Lol I dare not try them now if I don’t want to end up on a stretcher! I need to get my flexibility back o! Nice one Eky

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  7. Hmmm this sex and flexibility issue has reminded me of those times when I could split and pull some stunts while on top! Lol I dare not try them now if I don’t want to end up in a stretcher! I need to get my flexibility back o! Nice one Eky

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    • Eky Divine

      Luckily it’s never too late to get your groove back on. Small by small with interest and dedication, trust me you can somersault on top and spin 360 degrees. Lol

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      • People are waiting for their give aways Eky!!! Yet you are here typing poppycock…. You are a disgrace to
        All these small small girls of nowadays self ehhhh….go and marry or if u are married, go take care of ur family….MUMU!

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          • @ Anonymous.. you are so illogical and so foolish for you to think that am measuring this liar called Eky Divine with Nigeria’s number one blogger, Linda cause in no way are they of the same category. Also you are stupid, I mean very MAD for saying I was once a hater..cause you know me not to think of the fact that I hated LindaIkeji… Sometimes I wonder what people of this great country 9ja are turning into…people are so cheap that they lie to make a living or get call me killjoy? lols..for ur info, Eky the Glamekizzle nigress has killed so many joy by making people comment and waste time on her fuc*ing #GiveAway stunt…

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  8. my problem is striking some balance with all the suggestions made. but the fact remains that there is no time to do all the exercise we need to have a pleasurable sex life especially for the working class because we wake up so early to go to work and cone back late at night due to traffic. Even weekends we still have some work to do. Na only God go help us oo

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    • Its killjoys like you DAT discourage upcoming talents linda is now ur yardstick of measurment , you were once a hater now she’s relevant to you. Follow follow go and be useful.

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