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So when people tell me “Oh you have an amazing body”, “I love your cute shape”,” Wow you look lovely”, I often just smile cause I know exactly what they really mean as most friends come out straight to tell me “You have a big cute butt for your small body and it’s staring right at me”. I actually do enjoy such compliments…No Apologies… But then after the compliments come the question – Is it real? Lol, of course it’s real and I find myself wanting to share tips and tricks to having a bigger butt. It’s definitely and absolutely Daily Squats.

I grew up having the shape but what I do is to ensure all my years I keep a well built and firm figure. I am a lover of fitness and I spend hours watching fitness videos from all levels and I don’t joke with what I learn. Fitness cuts across various areas but let’s focus on how we can build a bigger buttocks faster.

Squats are the major enhancers for bigger butts, firmer thighs and an improved posterior. It’s an absolute routine for ladies who desire to have curves and big firm butts. The beauty about squatting is that it helps in giving you a lovely-curved shape as you grow and while you become disciplined and see results, you will never want to lose what you have gained. I would like to share some thoughts with you for those who will start squatting. Do not start the routine and stop after 5 attempts, if you are going to start Squatting immediately erase doubts from your mind as I’ve seen this as a hindrance for many people.

1. You do not need to go to a gym, all you need is your home. By doing the routine at home you are actually more effective because you get to do it daily and it’s okay, you alone can laugh at mistakes and efforts, it’s usually very funny when you start. Lol. Also, with your busy schedule you still have the opportunity to squat every day, but with a gym you would probably go once or twice a week, believe me your results will come slower if they come at all. And then be cost effective, success in Squats comes from discipline and routine, location can be a motivator but I believe your desires are a stronger motivator.

2. Don’t bother about materials and instruments, with Squats you first need to develop the discipline and of course familiarize yourself with the routine, as you progress in this, you can now search for weights and other materials to improve your routine. But first of all learn the dynamics to it, it’s actually very simple.

3. Don’t worry if it’s the middle of the month or middle of the week, morning, afternoon or night or you are not in your zone or you aren’t feeling it’s the right time of the day to start… Smiles…just start and look for progress. Indeed you may feel tired or uninterested in doing Squats, that’s only normal, just go to bed and continue tomorrow but don’t ever totally stop, a short break is actually desired when you exercise but don’t turn a break into a never ending one.

4. Eat what you want to eat, you actually need protein to help build your muscles that give you that nice shape, and while you squat, your tummy and abs feel the effect of your movement, so in a way your tummy partakes in the exercise. We are talking about Squats here, when we get to having a flat tummy or getting abs, we will deal with what you eat, for now Eat and Squat.

5. Don’t rush yourself, some of my friends immediately want to start doing 400 squats like I would but never want to start with 8 squats morning and night. Please don’t rush it, you will definitely graduate but start with what’s within your capability. If it’s 5 morning/night it’s okay you can add 2 to it every day. When your body understands what’s happening, you will actually move from 10 to 30 in the morning and 30 again at night.

6. No Pain No Gain like you all know, you will have pains in your muscles and for those that stressed the routine, your pains will be more but I also had those pains. What you need to do is to do your squat every other day if the pain is unbearable – this gives your muscles time to relax and heal. You might feel pain on the next due day but don’t let that discourage you. Go on with your squats, soon the pain will become history – believe me you will even do more than you could before the pain started. It’s funny but I’ve seen it happen with myself and others.

7. Give yourself time, I would like to tell you when you will start seeing improvements but then again we all have different unique body shapes, for me I started seeing results in 2 weeks, but for you it could be longer or shorter. Regardless, Squats will definitely give you the result you seek if you religiously follow through the routine.

So what else can be the excuse, I’ve already tackled any possible doubts or hindrances so you can get up and start building that butt, get on with what you want and let’s have the results coming in. Believe me squats have given me an improved posterior to my surprise, I have broader shoulders, and I stand more upright with my chest out and of course my waist swing while I walk is absolutely divine….LMAO.

To clear your curiosity I started squatting early 2013 with 20 squats morning and night and stopped after 2 weeks cause I had pains and I struggled with the discipline, then I went back to it around June and was doing 30 squats and again stopped because I was just tired and was having a lot to do at work and finally while watching fitness videos I fell in love again with results of people who squat frequently and then I started squatting Feb 2014 with 100 squats in the morning and 100 at night and every week I would add 10 to it and by September I was doing 300 squats in the morning and 300 at night and haven’t had reason to stop although I do take short breaks in between. On a very good day when am happy I do 450 squats but now I have drawn up an effective routine and I get to do 300 squats in the morning and 350 squats at night.

In my next Fitness post, I will share a 20-day plan to help us improve on Squats, and after success of this we will definitely move to the next level.

Drop your comments and questions for guidance, let’s all share and learn from each other.


Eky Divine

Author: Eky Divine

Eky Divine is passionate about Fitness and Beauty, she loves to share ideas on personal development, as she works in a Multinational Company as a Sales and Shopper Marketing Manager and handles Facilitation, Building Talent and Team as well as leading Execution Excellence. She is #Fun #Inspiring #Friendly #Absolutelydivine and #ForeverKingingInHerQueendom.

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  1. Great Write Up
    Definitely will recommend this to people.
    Fitness…. whether for ‘enhancement’ or otherwise is always good.

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  2. Thanks for the information….

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  3. I love this, keep it up.
    I used to squat alot but I stopped cuz I noticed my thighs were getting bigger. I want to know if the “thigh enlargement” is normal

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    • Eky Divine

      Hello @rubie,

      Getting bigger thighs is normal, although some people may not experience this, they would instead achieve firmer thighs or will see a slightly bigger thigh. In your case, your thighs were probably only getting proportionate to your bum as it was already building up. You need not be afraid, bigger thighs come with bigger butts but not outrageously. Ultimately you will get a new body shape. Slim thighs and a big butt don’t go together. Imagine it 😉

      Thanks for your comment.


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      • I started with 30 in d morning nd 30 at night Dec 2014. I now do 200 every 6hr nd my body is use to it, the result is amazing. Will stop for a while because am building a lot muscle. Or is it normal?

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        • Eky Divine

          Hello Ronny,

          Wow, good progress from you and I like that. Building muscles is actually normal but I sense you don’t really want that, your muscles are getting bigger because squats also work on the thighs and think about it, you cant have bigger butts with tiny thighs, lol…no dear it doesn’t work it but I would advise that you do Lunges, good quality Lunges as you squat. That will help you tone your thigh muscles and give it a sexy look, then you would love your bigger thighs…SMILES

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