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Hello Friends,

Today am sharing part of my morning exercise routine with you, I do this every morning and evening aswell at the gym. Not to worry if its quite a task or a bit of struggle to get to the gym, you can do these exercises at home and achieve results.

However going to the gym will help keep up the motivation as you will be working out with professionals that would bring out the best in you, and ofcourse there are guys and ladies to impress… wink.

Below is the description for my routine:

  1. Sit-Ups : I had 3 different Sit-Up exercises and you can do 20 reps each but remember to rest 20 secs in between each exercise. Do 3 sets of this.
  2. Reverse Crunch: 20 reps in 3 sets would help with the lower belly fat.
  3. Bicycle Crunch: 20 reps of this in 3 sets would help¬†shape your Oblique (Sides). This is so far the killer routine for me …..WHEWWW!!!
  4. Flutter Kicks: 25 reps of this again in 3 sets will help with the lower tummy too.
  5. Plank: I love to go in my Plank so much… I have a record of 1min 35sec on a Plank…Smiles. Please comment below if you’ve done even better than my record. But do this for atleast 30 seconds.

Hope you enjoy your workout as much as I do, Remember as also building my Fitness life and I sure love the improvement I am seeing, though am not there yet but I am surely far from where I used to be. Now is the video too long or too short, let me know what you would love to learn.



Eky Divine

Author: Eky Divine

Eky Divine is passionate about Fitness and Beauty, she loves to share ideas on personal development, as she works in a Multinational Company as a Sales and Shopper Marketing Manager and handles Facilitation, Building Talent and Team as well as leading Execution Excellence. She is #Fun #Inspiring #Friendly #Absolutelydivine and #ForeverKingingInHerQueendom.

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  1. Wow!!! Speechless, really great. I wish I can make out time.

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  2. wooowww…am so will my legs obey me

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    • Eky Divine

      One step at a time, hold yourself while you come up or get someone to hold you or assist you, soon u’ll own your body and move it and by soon I mean days depending on your seriousness. Smiles I started just like that

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      • OMG! I can’t move my legs anymore, my back aches like crazy.. @EKY u re too much…Thank you for this routine exercise. Will keep trying till I get better. Cheers

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        • Eky Divine

          Well done Betty!!!… LOL… you remind me of my beginning too, that is how I used to feel, but please don’t get tired or de-motivated, keep at it and know that the pain is the result pushing itself to show forth…ENJOY dear, more lovely videos are coming for you and everyone.

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